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FREAKY FAM💚 #bringbackfreakish  True friends are never apart maybe in distance but never in heart❤️ we’re an iconic group of 10 over the top freakish fans :)

Keeping up with the Freaky Fam😓💚 ( ALSO WE CANT FORGET ELYSIA )

I still have this saved on my phone from all the way back in the summer when the Freaky Fam was pretty much first assembled (and everyone was team griolet, but that's none of my business...) and all I remember was setting this as my lockscreen before I went to school to take my last final. this was the start to a season 2 countdown, a never ending obsession with some pretty dope people, and a pretty great summer. I love you casey, tia, bella, kenna, elysia, vidda, peri, nanda, and ammara. I'm emotional, bye.

turn volume up the audio is quiet

thanks for 7 months my dudez. Its been over 2 months since season 2 already damn. Lets just appreciate how OLD WE ARE fjbejbdcbbccihgdihdvhidg . i love yall to death :))) -elysia

we’re dead and it’s making me so sad

we love a couple that everyone hates! :D

YOU CANT TELL ME THAT THESE 2 AREN’T IBF GOALS❤️😊~Tia| @lovelydobrik @foreverfreakish


Soooooooooo I made a remake of the better ship~Tia

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