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Frauke - made in Germany🏕  Adventure | Outdoors | Travel 🧘🏼‍♀️ Based in Leipzig, Germany currently: London 🇬🇧 next: Norway 🇳🇴

The night is dark and full of terrors, but the fire burns them all away. 🔥 (and some nights are full of laughter and marshmallows)

New adventures await!✨

When the three of us got here during pouring rain I think the first regret we had was that we didn’t bring our swimsuits and shorts. The color of this lake is truly mesmerizing, a deep blue that I’ve only seen in some Canadian mountain lakes before. Austria you’re a gem. 💎

Same place with the same guys, about a year later. ☔️ Happy to call people friends that have once been strangers from the internet. 🤓
Who is someone you met through @instagram ? Tag them and let them know you appreciate them 💛

Oh beautiful British Columbia.
My heart belongs to you and it feels like home again every time I visit. ✨
Where is your home away from home?

Cloudy mornings at one of Germany’s Gems with water that looks like glass. ✨
What was your favorite place you’ve ever pitched up a tent? 🏕

Some people feel the rain.
Others just get wet. ☔️

Say cheeeeese 🧀
Our little home away from home for the last couple of days. Falling asleep with the rain knocking against the windows was a beautifully relaxing thing. 🚐

Quick reality check because this morning looked too dreamy to be true.✨

Some places leave you completely speechless. This famous gem in the south of Norway is one of them. Even better when you completely luck out and have it to your own for a pink tinged sunset.☁️ Music by Joe Hisaishi ✨

With days getting warmer and evenings getting longer, summer is around the corner. Missing that golden early morning light above the clouds ☁️✨

Missing Fuji-San and the little 7-Eleven rice triangles. 🍙🗻
Thinking about returning later this year 💭

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