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Starbucks Frappuccino  Blended friend to the humans of earth, the cats of space, and that dog with human hands. #Frappuccino

"Ooo, ooo! Me, too!" begged the color blue. "Just one sip, maybe two...?"
(what an impatient hue).

He paused, just for a fleeting moment, at the idea that, if he was small enough, he could slide down the inside of his #CaramelFrappuccino straw and it would be like going on the weirdest, and perhaps tastiest, water park ride ever. Regram: @andymota

Reached the end of the rainbow. Found this. #JavaChipFrappuccino 🌈

Offered a #JavaChipFrappuccino to a wall. It cracked a smile. #OfferingCoffeeToWalls 📷 Regram: @rosieee93

Glimmery curtain-waving,
buttery caramel-craving. #CaramelFrappuccino

Spotted: the silky coffee contours of a cumulosippus cloud. 🔭🌤☕️ #CoffeeFrappuccino

When the vanilla makes the siren glow, a fortune she shall bestow. 🔮
#VanillaBeanFrappuccino #AffogatoStyle Regram: @montse1.9

Twinkle, twinkle little butterscotch. 🌟 #SmokedButterscotchFrappuccino

Don't keep things bottled up, unless, ya know, you're a delicious blend of caramel and coffee. Then it's okay! #CaramelFrappuccino

Here's to vibrant and distracting racquetball walls. #RandomToasts #JavaChipFrappuccino

"I've had it up to *here* with you, #VanillaBeanFrappuccino ," said the frustrated, flat rainbow who couldn't try the #Frappuccino because rainbows don't have mouths. 🌈

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