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Francesca Thyssen Bornemisza  Philanthropist. Contemporary art collector and producer. Environmentalist , ocean lover. and game changer!

The artist and artists! The mural is done and we will unveil only during dinner parties.thank you so much Ragar Kjartensson and studio, i am proud to have become a sea scape painting artist approve by Each I himself!... Much love Francesca @valhalla20202 #iceland #seascape

Painters hands!

Weekend familly painting session with Ragnar Kjartenson doing a mural in our dining room, in our new home in London. It is my 60th BD present! Can you believe what a treasure that is! What fun it has been! I am now going to apply for membership to the Royal Association of sea scape artists!
I love Ragnar and Ingeborg and new little daughter Zita so much I could decide to keep them forever! @valhalla20202 @mareymann

My future son in law coming in 3rd in his first race of the season in Saudi! Well done @jeromedambrosio I am so increadibly proud of you!

With the legendary @cjp_sullivan At the WAG Club Christmas party... You might have missed it. The best #FUNK eva! Good times. Good friends!

Great board meeting at the Museo National Thyssen Bornemisza! They have approved our 4 year TBA21 program and we are so excited about our future collaboration. Many many thanks to everyone at TBA21 who helped make this happen @the_chus_martinez @simone sentall @daniela_zyman @Aina and our great friends and supporters @_igormartinez @Carlosurros #TBA21 #thyssenbornemisza #thyssenbornemiszaartcontemporary #museothyssen

With Olafur Eliasson at his wonderful Ice Watch project at the Tate modern. Don't miss it! It's melting fast! Climate change deniers get an full on experience of what is happening to our poles! They are melting faster than we can calculate. Cause: Fossil fuels. Take action. Change something about your daily routine that support slowing down Climate Change. Do it for your children! @studioolafureliasson #tatemodern #icewatch #climatechange #greenland #bancoal #banfossilfuels #saveourplanet

Working with my #shaman @homiatriker! Merry Christmas HoHoHo!

@katasangkhae new work for the #bangkokartbiennale2018 entitled "companion hand" The topic of this first ever biennial is #beyondbliss. His gesture of peace on top of old military arsenal containers say a mountains about the present political situation here in Thailand. Its also in a bridge between two buildings that was built as part of the sets for #killingfields. Thailand remains very silent about the role it played in the war in #cambodia, in which more than a million people died. #galleryver

Fire artist celebrating with us the light festival on this full moon at #Kamalaya #kohsamui , a magnificent resort in #Thailand with a fabulous retreat program seriously worth considering if you are committed to "Embracing change" starting the retreat tomorrow! How auspicious is that?

Now my son is in Vanity Fair Spain. Now look at him and tell me he is not the best looking guy in the world! And a gentleman to boot! I love him so much, and I am allowed to. Watch out girls, Tiger Mom get jealous! @fhabsburg62

#Repost @keiko_conservation (@get_repost)
The horrific consequences of our addiction to single use plastic. How much more proof of the environmental impact caused by our desire for convenience do we need?
News below via @racingextinction
"The stomach contents of a dead whale, which was washed up near Kapota Island in the Wakatobi National Park, Indonesia.
This slideshow shows park officials examining the whale on November 20th 2018.
Its stomach was found to contain nearly 6kg (13lbs) of plastic waste, including:
hard plastic - 19 pieces, 140g
plastic bottles - 4 pieces, 150g
plastic bags - 25 pieces, 260g
flip-flops - 2 pieces, 270g
plastic cups - 115 pieces, 750g
pieces of string - 3.26kg
Credit: Reuters/Kartika Sumolang
Caption: @theeconomist #whale #environment #Indonesia #plasticpollution #plastic #sea #wildlife"

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