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Elizabeth  99' | Canada | bye

Hello! Schools actually giving me a break, got a cintiq for my birthday, and it looks like I’m finally back on track with drawing! However, I’ve decided to abandon Instagram because I don’t think it had a very positive impact on my art and mentality (despite all the wonderful people I’ve encountered here). I apologize to everyone who is still following me or expecting something from me--feel free to unfollow. I’ll occasionally post my art on artstation from now on (link in profile) and mutuals can also reach me at my trashy private account. Thank you everyone <3

Also, recent monster hunter fanart above.


HBD @jjev.rin !! I havent done this trad style in so longg

So I recorded a speedpaint a while back #berserk

Watch the full video at ! These amazing people just launched their Kickstarter project: an art education site where you can follow your artistic passions along with caring professors and supportive peers. Any size donation means a lot💕

motivation came out of nowhere and i finished a piece in 4 hrs #overwatch

wip that ill never finish💧

Cropped ver. of my digital piece for #aqualumina !! First time participating a gallery and Im super honored 💕

Hello.. what can I say other than simply: I dont like posting here anymore. Mostly because all I've been drawing lately are doodles/fanart that I dont think are satisfactory to you 12k people lurking about. Ive become too conscious about what people think about my art, and now find that posting on my priv is much more comfortable, so I guess I'll see you the next blue moon haha
hmu if you like #saintseiya tho

I literally post once in a blue moon.. sorry!
Here, have a juzumaru, RNGesus is cruel with this one #刀剣乱舞

new and old #undertale prints not for sale ofc

My childhood

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