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Frances Kellerman  I love you (family, friends, dogs, adventure, dessert, running, yoga, team nuun, team oiselle) for like XO.

And we are off....Lubbock, we are coming for you!
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I mean....she does have a point. I'm learning to get out of my own way and do the thing (whatever that may be). To drop the stories, to get out of my own way and do. the. thing. Or at least try - there is no way of knowing what you can accomplish by standing still and staying idle.

Trust you are capable of so much more than what your stories tell you ❀️ let action be the thing that tips the scale and writes your new chapter.

From my "do the thing" Monday to yours,

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#revolutionisyoga Day 7 // Upward Facing Dog.

Updog is a heart-opener and a major backbend. The front body openness offered in this pose is based on our connection to the earth. By pressing down through the tops of your feet, even making contact with your mat and your toe nails, you can start to lift your upper thighs off your mat. Pressing firmly through your palms will start to lift your heart skyward. Add just enough softness to your elbows so that you can wrap your shoulder blades onto your back. Hug your belly button back to your spine to support your low back, and breath big, deep breaths. From here, show the world what your heart is made of.

Clear eyes, full (and open) hearts, can't lose 😘

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#revolutionisyoga Day 6 // Chatarunga (high plank to low plank). Lowering the body in one long line is no small task. To keep your hips in line with your shoulders, you've got to hug your belly button up to your spine and engage your core like you mean it. With the strength in your core, you lower your body by reaching your elbows behind you. Keep your arms as close to your ribs as can as you lower, and continue to keep your core engaged.

Fluid movement in this shape is dependent on your commitment to hug into everything you are, and continuing to hold on and hug in for the ride ❀️ Happy Friday lovely people!
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#truth and a reminder of the practice and work I commit myself to. I am with myself always - to know and love my own self is equivalent to my capacity to know and love others. And, holy hell this is work. Real, messy work. Thank goodness it doesn't need to be perfect to still be a practice πŸ™

#revolutionisyoga Day 5 // Mountain pose (tadasana)

The beauty in this pose is both in its simplicity and depth. To stand upright is an evolutionary quality in each of us, yet to stand in a way where our feet remain firm and rooted while being soft enough in our joints to allow for shifting and adjustment is our own form of adaptation. Deepening the pose comes from softening your knees, lifting the front of your pelvic bone up slightly, and wrapping shoulder blades on your back. From here, breath deeply enough to broaden your front body and open your heart ❀️ I hope your Thursday is filled with simple moments that offer you depth and the courage to open your ❀️ Photo cred: @lindsaylm
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#revolutionisyoga Day 4: Halfway Lift

Starting Wednesday with our feet squarely beneath us, length in our spines, and space in our side bodies to take in full-bodied breath.

Happy happy Wednesday, from my halfway lift to yours 😘 @dee_kimata - thank you for being my partner in crime this morning!

Photo cred: @emilierivera
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#revolutionisyoga Day 3 // forward fold (uttanasana)

Forward fold has been one of the handful of poses in my practice where I have seen so much growth. I came to yoga with the story that I wasn't flexible. I could barely touch my toes. By beginning where I was, I started forward folding with a major bend in my knees to get my chest to my upper thighs. I learned that the forward fold was a whole lot more about lengthening the low back then getting straight legs. Slowly, I started to find more opening in the backs of my legs, allowing more lift in my tailbone, while keeping length in my low back with my ribcase close to my thighs. The straightness in my legs is still a work in progress. And that is the journey and the practice. And the beauty is what I get to learn about myself along the way ❀️ Happy forward folding lovely humans 😘

Photo cred: @carissabarcus
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A-freaking-men. Here is to today and the fresh start it offers. Let the past be your foundation, your stepping stone, your life lived and lessons learned, all of which full equip you to move forward, step by step, in choice about the impact you have on the world.

transitions are supposed to be hard and uncomfortable, growth rarely happens without those things. So in the name of growth and your limitless impact - what would you choose today that gets you closer to the ending you are dreaming of?

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#revolutionisyoga challenge: Day 2 // Downward Facing Dog
Downdog is a shape that creates expansion in the body. By pressing fully through your finger prints and the heels of your hand, you can start to press your chest towards your knees which opens the space around your collar bones, side bodies, and upper back right behind your ❀️. With the space in your upper body, add a bend to your knee to lift your tailbone to the sky. Press even more through your palms to bring your chest closer to your upper thigh. With space in your chest, tail bone lifting, start to reach your heels down to the back of your mat, stretching the backs of your legs. From here, E X P A N D with breath. 😘 how do you (get) downdog?? @kimsyma @lovinglifeontherun @carissabarcus @jcarthen @revolutionstudio
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Day # 1: @revolutionstudio Sun Salutation A Challenge // child's pose (balasana). Child's pose is a resting pose. It is one of the poses that gives us reverence for the earth that support us, and a pose where we can cultivate our breath, that sustains us, over and over, again and again.

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