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Frances Kellerman  I love you (family, friends, dogs, adventure, dessert, running, yoga, team nuun, team oiselle) for like XO.

I've been absent the last several weeks. Mainly, I'm afraid, because I've let myself be bogged down with life circumstances. My tendency in that headspace is to do more. I create a sense of security around being busy and having my time claimed and schedule full. What I crave for myself now is space. Space to feel, to take deep breaths, to sense the sun on my skin, to hear the wind through the trees. Fortunately, these are all simple and accessible things when I can give and create space. Here is to being aware enough to know what I need and committed enough to self-care, to do the thing (to create space). 😘, Fran

Thank goodness for the things (yoga, human connection, pups, friends, hugs) that in a moment can turn my day around ❀
#yogaleenastudio #loki #pups #aussiesofinstagram #deepbreathing

Beautiful veggies from @loamagronomics - letting the earth refuel me feels really essential right now ❀
I hope you get refueled in your most essential ways today.😊
@staceymoves thank you for getting me access to the green stuff 😍

🌺🌸🌷turn to nature when in need of the reminder that new beginnings and growth are beckoning. Maybe this is our practice of faith - believing in the light and newness even when we feel heavy and stuck in the dark.
Sending you love and ✌️ Xo,

On this festive St. Patty's Day, a quick reminder that luck is something that comes from our own hard work and our ability to see a door open, and to walk through it. Luck is about letting the universe guide us to open doors, and us seizing the opportunity to walk through them. ☘️☘️☘️
Happy opportunity seizing, y'all ☘️

My very first purchases at the @ricefarmersmarket - @3rdcoastkombucha and @blueherontexas I am so excited for these treats. Here is to learning the pick-me-ups I most often need can come in small, simple, and tasty packages πŸ“¦
@clurantonia thanks for being my partner in crime, even with I was in my rookie year as a farmers marker go-er

#local #food #smallbiz #kombuchalove #goatcheese

The permission I give myself today and this week. To be a beginner, to take it all in, to get it wrong, to ask for help. And to know, beginnings are a beautiful reminder that growth is an evolution. ❀

Friends run tough 10k's together...and then take cute photos with a pretty solid backdrop. 2017 Rodeo Run 10k βœ”οΈ Houston, you look good btw πŸ™Œ@lindsaylm 😘

#teamoiselle #thesweatlife #nuunlife #runfirstcoffeesecond #runfirsttacoslater

You know what...yes! This week I've felt I've been a bit filled to the brim, feeling slightly like a victim to my schedule and what I've said yes to. And right now - here is to reframing the situation. it's Friday :) this is a great day to make **it happen and kick some ass :)
From my productive Friday to yours,
Namaste y'all 😘

I wish you even just a moment today where you feel lit up thinking and talking about something that lights you up. Sparkle on, lovely humans ✨

Pre-celebratory jump with this gem of a partner in crime β€πŸ˜β˜•οΈπŸ’ͺπŸ‰
Another half marathon in the πŸ“š @lindsaylm
#nuunlife #thesweatlife #teamoiselle

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