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Frank Sieben  Where Music Leaves An Imprint On Your Heart And Soul | Music Producer | Composer | Sound Designer | Life Coach | Spread The Love


What happens when you cross broccoli and cauliflower?Brocauliflower🤣 🥗🌱

Gosh, love being in this sacred space. Improving mixing skills in Cologne was fun yesterday! Epic focus on vocals, mind blown🙃. Can't wait to share with you @joeactill🙌 Perfect timing I would say🤣
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Here's my gratitude walk from today, it was pouring down on me while I have berg in the field but I loved every single moment of it. It's so true: we are all energy and connected. Your energetic vibration will act like a magnet to similar vibration, so let me ask you: What frequency are you tuning in to and what vibration are you giving out into the world? Please leave a comment. Spread the Love

Confession! I put my hand up! I haven't posted for a week and updated you with my pictures of the gratitude walks. However, I still did them every day as it has now become a habit which I am truly grateful for 🙌 So here is a necessary update of all the last ones I missed posting. Tomorrow I'll be posting daily again. Spread the Love!

Day78 Gratitude walk - This is your life! Life of a Champion @garensworld @latonius @joeactill Boom! They have no idea what is coming to hit so hard 🤣
Epic creation in the making. Follow me. Spread the Love

Day69 Gratitude walk - F.E.A.R. = False Experience Being Real
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Day67 Gratitude walk - Your life is determined by the questions you ask yourself. Ask quality questions and answer them honestly. Spread the Love

Day66 Gratitude walk - Befriend yourself and witness your life become extraordinary and magical.
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Day65 Gratitude walk Guys, this was yesterday again but I've been doing my walk every day, will post the one from today tomorrow morning. Always find the light no matter how the tides are shifting.
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Day64 That was yesterday's gratitude walk. Have the courage to do what is impossible. Just came back from my walk today, feeling the energy of the total eclipse that happened today.
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Day62 Gratitude walk - I put my hand up, this picture was taken yesterday but I didn't post it, so here we go! Off to my today's gratitude walk now. Embrace opportunity. Follow me @franksiebenf7
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Day61 Gratitude walk - I just had to visit my tree again, what an old loving soul. Before you touch the tree always ask for permission. I feel grounded and energized. Thought of today: You can always choose to respond, however, when you drift off not being in alignment with your values, being controlled by your past patterns and cellular fears of your childhood, it's priceless to have someone to call you out on your BS! Thanks bro @garensworld Spread the Love 🙏🏼

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