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Frank Shamrock  UFC Champ & MMA Pioneer #TheLegend Speaker, Entrepener, Ex-con, Author, Philanthropist, Mentor Husband & Dad living #warriorscode & #shamrockway 👇🏽

Great film panel with these four visionary filmmakers. Together we are fighting the stigma of mental health using film to educate and inspire. #healthierlongerlives #fountainhouse #stigmasmashers @shamrockway

Almost ready to host our panel “Filming Mental Health” #healthierlongerlives w @mauroranallo supporting #fountainhouse

Off to #nyc to support @fountainhouse for #mentalhealth awareness w @mauroranallo #stigmasmasher

Cali nights. Love the weather and people ❤️

You can look forward or you can look behind you, the tracks remain the same. The future does not equal the past. Keep moving forward. #shamrockway #warriorscode

@mauroranallo sits down with heavyweight champion @gypsyking101 to talk about mental health and help smash the stigma about mental illness. “I wanted to end it, to stop the pain” says Fury. Powerful moments with two champions of mental health that will help smash this stigma. #truthaboutmentalhealth #curestigma support @namicommunicate #stigmasmasher

What’s on your mind? Imagine if you could see into other people’s heads! What would you see? Happiness, love, fear?! This is the inside of my melon. Notice how thick the front of my skull is? I was born to fight, to conquer fear and raise my family up. That’s the #shamrockway #mma #nevergiveup 🙏🏽

One week ago my brother was arrested while trying to shop at Walmart because he supposedly frightened a child. Perry is a Navy Veteran who suffers from Bipolar and PTSD and has lived on the streets of Redding Ca for the past 10 years. He is harmless and always keeps to himself preferring to live outdoors and on his own terms then to be locked up in a hospital for his oddities.
He was always a little different, a natural born artist who could draw and play music with ease and even while being homeless Perry was finishing a book about his life. A memoir about what it was like to be a homeless veteran in the United States.
Perry was sent to Redding county jail and then left unattended and during that time, he took his own life.
My brother served our country in the US Navy determined to protect our freedom and he died alone and ashamed in a Jail cell.
Perry died of Stigma - he simply looked and acted differently and people didn’t know what to do around him. But we are all different inside. Perry saved my life when I was 10 years old and drowning. I wish I could have saved him this time around.
He did not even know why he was in jail - he is mentally ill and didn’t understand what was happening to him.
This has to stop. My heart is broken.
#savingperry #curestigma #mentalhealth #bipolar

Being an entrepreneur is all about thinking Lean while looking for those shortcuts and value saving moments that will grow your company and your brand. #Branding #Success #cool

Woke up at 4am to research “fear” for my upcoming #Tedx speech. Hard to believe that we are born with only two fears. Seems like we have so many more floating around in our lives. This pic made me laugh so hard. Be the best you, ever! #warriorscode #shamrockway #tedx #keynotespeaker #fear #livelovelegend

#ufc229 🤯 why?

Learning new stuff today at #thegrill2018. Mind blowing conversations about new media, industry disruptors and technology that is changing #Hollywood. Mixing #tech with entertainment #crytocurrency #blockchain #entrepreneur

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