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Caryn Franklin  In fashion 37 years. Professor of Diversity. Pro-social Fashion Activist. Lover of CAKE

Me and my top team of models 20-70 because Age Diversity rules and older women have four times as much to spend on one garment than their younger sisters. Having such great fun with you all. If I have to work on Saturday then let it be with you!

@iamsadieclayton and I at @cnnstyle all morning to discuss The Dress! I’ve had that much coffee already I’m ready for lift off. Beautiful story about the veil...Meghan commissioned embroidery by Clare Waight-Keller (Givenchy and first female head) of individual flora from each of 53 commonwealth nations. That’s INCLUSIVITY. That’s a nice little bit of girl power too!

In Oxford Street right now my man’s label @wallsofbenin_official is ethical sleepwear. I swear he looks the best I’ve seen in Day Time PJ Posing. But serious message as the band are playing loudly outside @primark in protest against unethical fashion. SMART

You know I’m loving this cover for all the reasons I don’t need to repeat here. This is diversity in front of AND behind the lens. And as @edward_enninful moves forward he takes a more diverse group of creatives with him. He will normalise diverse casting and influence others and we can all celebrate our differences as individuals...together! WIN

I’ve been doing a talk today at my daughter’s school on individual power to change things. This was really brought home to me in 1986 when I began presenting on BBC prime time TV for a 12 year stint - The Clothes Show: 13 million audience weekly in UK but up to 157 million homes via BBC World Service. We got thousands of letters and I realised mainstream fashion was the perfect place to include identity politics. I have run with it ever since!

To my daughters, their friends and all young women and men fighting for a fairer world. You are my inspiration today. thanks @safia_minney @slavetofash for posting!

A belated congrats to @graziauk for obvious reasons. Very enjoyable cover.

I am part of Teatum Jones' AW18 collective of 25 global women. A few months ago @teatumjones asked me to take part in their study by answering 3 questions about my most intense moments of joy, sadness and hope. Myself and all the other women in this collective are all from different backgrounds, different ages and different ethnicities. In spite of our differences we are all united by the fact we all experience these intense moments. This is Global Womanhood. #teatumjones #globalwomanhood #tjwomen #londonfashionweek

I’m not vegan but daughter is. Best meal in ages. Highly recommend the top choice ‘The Paradise’ jackfruit and pineapple burger here at @paradise_unbakery in @kensal_rise. Delicious.

WIN! Spectacular Herstory from @stylistmagazine today. Get your copy as a top read on the women who challenged voting gender inequality. Today school HIStory curriculums mostly feature men and their stories. More gender inequality right there. More work to do!

So thrilled to interview director of Advanced Style movie @lina_land in Edingburgh tonight. An excellent message of female empowerment.

I’m supporting Mental Health UK by reaching out to anyone who feels alone today. Books and Learning have been my saviour in times of misery and self-doubt. Surrounding myself with the guidance of others and believing that I am not alone has really helped. What about you? #GetTheInsideOut on your head

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