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Liam Frank🔹NJ  This is a mason jar containing a last laugh.

An early morning drive through a fall season clearly trying to hatch, complete with fog, temperatures in the mid 40s along the way, and more trees turning the more north I went. Finally an arrival home to the chilly Syracuse area, with the sunset screaming through my window like it always did growing up. The air is crisp. The spirit is warm. An area of the country truly made for this season.

Feels like it’s all I ever needed.

I could do this weather everyday.

We live in a world of high stress, high expectations, and we always need to distract ourselves to keep sane. Unfortunately, there’s a lot of malignant ways to distract ourselves. We live in a world where substance is all around us, a world where it’s romanticized, but a world where our friends and family keep getting ripped from us too early at the hands of substance, no matter what kind it is. In coming of age in high school and college, sobriety is seen as cowardly. But for some of us, it’s a bold achievement, a reclaiming of ones self, and a regaining of control. Today it is an achievement. I’d like to extend a huge congratulations to a friend who’s always been there for me no matter what on a whole year sober. You’re the man Ryan. Keep it up. You’re so important and we’re all so proud of you.

Pull me down, down to your ocean floor.

One more from JC. #justdoit

To a brownstone up three flights of stairs..

Jersey City moods were deep.

Stood on the corner for a while,
To wait for the wind to blow down on me,
Hoping it takes with it my old ways,
And brings some brand new luck upon me.

I think I’m ready to lose myself in your love.

All I feel is all that I know.

Always or never.

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