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Liam Frank🔹NJ  This is a mason jar containing a last laugh.

I wanna know what it’s like on the inside of love.

“A hill the size of the steps you’ll take in a lifetime.”

Archiving back at the end of the summer has saved my page 😳.

Wait for me.

If you want more love, why don’t you say so?

We laid in my car,
Six feet under stars.

I’m hooked on the plain Jane heroin.

My aesthetic is decidedly flipping through old film photos at 2am I took years earlier while giving myself pep talks, asking my friends for them, and planning my next shoot/move/home visit. In conclusion, I should make a trip into New York again soon. It’s been too long.

My pain would seem so small over the seas
So to complain would be so selfish now
But what’s the difference?
Luck don’t exist here anymore.

Can anyone fly into these grey skies? Is there somewhere I’m meant to be?

Customary Convention Hall festive photo because it’s nice here during the holidays.

Forever further on my way back home.

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