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Frank Kan  Public Figure. Professional Opinion Leader. Bodybuilding. Lifestyle(Fashion & Food). Art Collector.

agnes b. Cafe Valerie chestnut cake so delicious good for afternoon treat

Chinese New Year no need to eat Chinese food. I rather eat a meat platter instead. More protein and power.

Chinese lunar year festival pre workout session . Have a wonderful pump and result. Not holiday for bodybuilding keep training.

Big guy can be fashionable to attend Christie’s annual meeting lunch.

Muscle Man in Red❤️
Everyone stay warm and stay dry


Must watch cannot miss !!!
Picasso 1937 painted this painting of his mistress Marie-Thérèse(Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée), we have never been seeing this master piece for a half of a century. Now you can enjoy this painting and other master piece from Sotheby’s London auction in Feb 28 preview tour in Hk venue at Sotheby’s HK gallery Admiralty Pacific Place phase one 5/f. Open to public from today til feb 2.
畢加索1937年為她的情人瑪莉德雷莎Marie-Thérèse所繪畫的著名大作《戴貝雷帽、穿格子裙的女子》(Femme au béret et à la robe quadrillée(Marie-Thérèse Walter)),這幅驚世巨作已消失左餘半世紀,今次再度出現因為參與2018年2月28號向倫敦蘇富比舉行的「印象派及現代藝術晚拍」。參與這個晚拍的藝術名作有10數幅已到港作出預展,由今日開始至到2月2號,將於金鐘太古廣場一期5樓蘇富比藝術空間展出。


#sothebys #sothebyshkgallery #picasso #marietherese #1937

Leather jacket and pant almost burst because of my expanding muscles. But I Like leather buy more suit my size.

Dyson V8 Carbon Fibre invite me to try the new vacuum . So light weight and amazing cleaning power. No other vacuum is more unique than Dyson.

#dyson #dysonv8carbonfibre #frankkan

Train legs pumped but just the beginning . Now is more than just a fitness legs Three months later will be classic Bodybuilder legs. On and on and on build bigger legs.
玩比賽點都要28-30吋lean muscle腳,過多脂肪同水唔計。宜家仲爭3吋!繼續努力!

#buildlegs #legstraining #fitnesslegsnotmanlegs

如果你覺得The Diaster Artist好睇,同樣是傳記式Netflix Original電影The polka king好睇過佢幾倍。原因,polka king可以見到美國新移民的夢想發酵,偷呃拐騙都可以有赤子之心,矇不過天終於自食其果跌低都可以爬返起身,不是說教勵志而這是人生,This is Life!我比較喜歡Jack Black帶喜劇的戴歌戴舞,好過James Franco向度扮騎呢神似。如果喜歡騎呢當秘笈Johnny 的觀眾,只不過喜歡pancake 上那些奶油,而不是真的吃panckae的食家。

#netflixoriginal #thepolkaking #jackblack

The shape of water Media preview, actually this film company Media preview show is not good to watch a movie

#theshapeofwater #guillermodeltoro

Like an Art piece no matter what angle you look at it. It’s different color and shinny look. This HTC U11 Eyes is the most beautiful mobile design so far. How about it’s camera what photo can you get from this phone is pretty amazing. I will have an photo album of this mobile how it shoot some beautiful shot.
一直以來,我都想找一部不但功能優越,而且可以配合我日常生活不同嘅造型,HTC U11 Eyes從不同角度看,因應光線嘅折射,便有不同嘅顏色變化同形態。想知道佢影相功能有幾卓越,可以影到啲乜嘢靚相,就要留意我另外一個即將出現嘅相簿。

#htcu11eyes #frankkan #stylewithfunction #beautifulmobile

Tsing Yi Maritime UA cinema grand open Media tour. Glad to be invited. They have six cinemas 600 more seats also has Dbox and Atmos in choose cinema. some new flavor pop corn like tomato and sour cream 😍 later will have two more UA cinema will be opened at Sum Shiu Po and Tai Po. Stay tuned
仲有最新口味番茄同埋sour cream爆谷,以後多啲選擇。之後,仲有深水埗同大埔UA即將開幕!

#uacienmamaritime #uacinema

Very happy with this Japan made knee supporter really help for lifting heavy weight. My squat and press is heavier. When you travel to somewhere pls take a look of sport products if you really love sport

To get healthy, first thing is your organs has to be healthy, that’s the priority, healthy organs then sickness will be go away. Everyone pls more concern on your health and work it out inside and outside.
#younibody #holistictherapy

Hk fall winter 2018 fashion show case@HKCEC, the beautiful clothing designed by Indonesia fashion designer Raegita Zoro, even though these two Design is last season but absolute fabulously for all season
印尼非常出色嘅時裝設計師Raegita Zoro,雖然啲兩件係上個season但玩味無窮,適合四季穿着,想知佢跟住嚟緊嘅秋冬季有乜嘢好選擇,就要睇星期五嘅國立大台

BBQ source Eggplant with slice of steak portion is so big...........compare to the bowl of rice seem too small😉

一個炮台山有三間gym唔奇,Fitness First係龍頭之一,有錢買地鐵廣告好正常,另外兩間gym,每間都係得兩間分店,都有錢買地鐵廣告,咁樣係咪證明香港開Gym好好搵?
One area three gyms is Normal but all have Subway lightboard Advertising?Fitness First is International big gym name which has 9 gyms in Hong Kong they got money for that but other two gyms only have two branches. Does it implied HK open gym is a good business?

Photo at Fortress hill MTR station

Gym Sat Night not much people in gym the best training time💪🏻👍🏻
#satnightgymbest #shoulderpump #frankkan

Making of Super saiyanスーパーサイヤ人

Back well trained 👍🏻
背之練成中❤️ #utimefitness #backtraining #thickandtight

Great movie no matter you are straight or bi or gay, you will love this movie. It's brought back my first love memories. Love must come with hurt.


Don't waste your time in just healthy food. Sometime you need something to cheer you up then go get it. If you hungry for food then you will hungry for more muscle. I admired the people eat clean all the time but I don't need it cause still getting big and massive and shred with this.
#dontsurpressyourneed #lovelife #lovefood #stillcanbeabodybuilder

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