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Two GOATs sacrifice each other to the gods

Best wishes out to @adambueller, beat lymphomas ass you tough SOB

I know I saw @wayofthelariat post it already but.... Joe to SmackDown? Yes please.

Ca$h and Joker put on a show, with the highlight of the Joker Driver off the ladder

Never really post tag matches but damn Steenerico and Wolves are crazy

Wrestling is coming to my shithole of the world next weekend and I'm apparently gonna see Abyss and Steve against two jabronies in a monsters ball. I'll be documenting any bloodshed but I doubt it cuz I'm in the 7 year olds front row of every show part of Indiana not the OH MY FUCKING GOD HES DEAD part of Indiana

Lil Mondo hops in the ring with the fucking LEGEND Danny Havoc

Galloway knicks Ki with the pipe and busts the side of his head open

And people say wrestling is fake. Necro clearly just stumbled into prime position for Low Ki to stomp his soul out.

Beings we love red on this page here's some shots of a rare WWE bloody boy

VIDEO CREDITS: @jarillian
Just some clips from last night.... yeesh

Good God. One of the best matches I've seen in a long time. Bra fucking vo.

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