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Frankie Pozos  I'm AN actor who LOVES GREAT FOOD, WATCHING MOVIES AND DOING COOL THINGS! Sit back, relax, buckle up, take a number and enjoy MY LIFE!

Happy Father’s day!! Here’s a photo from my 22nd birthday at Chuck-E-Cheese’s!! Love ya Pappy! Bonus photo of my cousin Michael! #fathersday #chuckecheese

In honor of JURASSIC PARK’s 25th anniversary here is a picture of my cousin Mikey and I in front of DENNIS NEDRY’s filthy desk. Apparently, I didn’t know how to smile back then. #jurassicpark #jurassicpark25thanniversary

I always wanted to be a muppet baby.. but now I look like a creeper. 😅 #jimhensonexhibit

I got a selfie with Kermit! He didn’t like my impersonation of him. /: #imetafuckingmuppet #jimhensonexhibit

IT’s the MUPPET SHOW!! Yayyyyyy!! #jimhensonexhibit

HAPPY NATIONAL DONUT DAY!!! Woo Hooo! Followed by National check to see if you have diabetes day! WOOHOO!! #fbf #nationaldonutday #yumyumyum #cheatday #donutsforlife

HAPPY MOTHER’s Day to you and your lovely mothers! AND especially mine! Don’t worry if you had a crappy mother my mom is down to beat living shit out them for you! After brunch of course! #mothersday

Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! So excited to see this!! #Repost @la143webseries with @get_repost
Find out what happens when you date someone exactly like you .
#webseries #comingsoon #la143 #la #love #lovesucks #instadaily #actors #hollywood #findoutwhathappens #promoshoot #romcom #indieseries #independantfilming

May the 4th be with you! Vader and I are gonna drop the sickest beat in the galaxy! #maythe4thbewithyou #vader

This shake has a piece of funfetti cake on it! When I get my legs chopped off you will know why! #cheatweek

There is a delicious donut on this shake! And alcohol in it!! Now to drink the pain of living away! #cheatday

I survived the AVENGERS INFINITY WAR marathon. I’m still recovering. But It was seriously awesome! Stars intro’d their fims! And I can’t believe I ate three bags of reese pieces, a bag of m&m peanuts, red vines and junior mints, two large tubs of popcorn and 7 large fountain sodas plus chick-fila for breakfast, lunch and dinner and did’t die! Thanks @elcapitanthtre and @nerdist for an awesome event! I will do it again next year!!! #avengersinfinitywar #blackpanther

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