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Frankie Alicandri  My cooking sense is nothing remarkable and I'm weaker than the average person

Come on Teletubby, teleport us to Mars

Hey, get out of my room

How marshmal-low can you go? (I couldn’t figure out how to walk in this pit and end up only being able to move backwards)

I call this: A Misleading Angle (look at those legsssss my god I wish)

MiXeD eMoTiOnS

Whaaaaat? Frankie went to ANOTHER exhibit purely for Instagram content (and in this case, tea)? CraaAaAAaazyyyy

Happy birthday to my wife of 4 years, @ant_bytes !! Instead of a boring set of pictures, here is a collection of semi embarrassing videos of my beautiful gal!!!! Happy birthday you oldie!!!! I love you so much!!! (I also added a bonus vid of a classic moment with @hayshank)

If you also thought it said mirror graze, you’re not alone

Happy birthday to this tall string bean boy! I love you a whole bunch (even though I still haven’t mailed you the jumpsuit, I’m sorry, I’ll do it today) and I hope you have an awesome day with your friends 💕

Shocking news: I actually left my house and went hiking. This photo shows the highlight of trip, when I saw and pointed at a dog

I guess I didn’t get the joke #nationalsistersday

I got naked friends in frames

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