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Amie Luczkowkski-Gibson  Clay Witch☯️ No custom/pre-order/wholesale etc Worldwide shipping Read FAQ on website before contacting/purchase-Email to contact.✖️DM's. Update 18/7

AND ITS LIVE! Update is here. Link to shop in bio, all prices in $AUD. Be quick.
290 new listings. 259 of which are part of the $200&under section.
As always $5 from every order placed today will be donated to @aimementoring and @beyondblueofficial
Remember to put your email and address in correctly. No email confirmation no order. If you want your items shipped together order them together. Separate orders get treated as such and will not be combined after. Please do not DM me about your order as they are turned off, or comment on instagram. Email via your email receipt you receive with your purchase. Please be patient with my replies they can take a few days. And reminder there are hundreds/thousands of you and just ME! So please allow 1-3 weeks for orders to be shipped out AND super important all other info you need to know in regards to order, tracking etc can be found on the FAQ page of my website so please read it. AND THANK YOU I LOVE YOU ALL! 💜💜💜💜

🌈✨Made a rainbow!
2 days until shop update. Happening 9AM AEST. Check your timezones as I cannot do it for you. Be there at 9 or you will miss out. Prices will range from as little as $15-$700, and the majority of the update will be part of the $200&under section.
Going live later on this afternoon (not sure what time though) to preview every single thing that will be in the update. And it will be up for 24 hours so tune in/have a look if you plan on making a purchase.
Have a lovely day everyone 😘💜

Tea set for one 💜✨
Made for those time when you need to sit your ass the fuck down and just BE!
Single sets and sets of 3 will be available.
Shop update happening next Wednesday 18/7, 9AM AEST. Check your timezones as I cannot do it for you. Also can’t stress enough how important it is to be there on time if you want something because if not you will miss out. Prices are not yet established sorry. Will be going live on Monday with a preview to show everything that will be available in the update, and it will be saved to view for 24 hours. Thank you lovelies have a nice day 😘💜

Teariffic tea bowls 🌀💙✨
They are making a comeback, some in colour, some not. Both in sets of 3 and single sets. Prices not yet established sorry.
Shop update happening 18/7, 9AM AEST. Check your timezones as I cannot do it for you. Have a lovely day everyone 😘💜

Little rainbows everyday 🌈✨👁
Shop update happening 18/7, 9AM AEST. Check your timezones as I cannot do it for you. Prices are not yet established sorry.
Shop will close today to prepare for it so please read the FAQ fully and throughly if you plan on making a purchase. All relevant info for the update will be added to the highlight.
Have a happy and safe weekend everyone 😘💜

It really is all the little things in life, that are the big things in disguise that make love. Rainbows are reminders to treasure those moments. 💜🌈✨ Shop update happening 18/7, 9AM AEST. Check your timezones as I cannot do it for you. Have a great day lovelies. 💜💜

👁✨Keeper of dead things. Also known as vases. So excited for this update I have made so many things that are not pots and won’t be able to hold a plant at all. As much as I love making pots I needed to step out of my comfort zone and makes things that were not within it, and oh dang has it paid off. This is just one of many vases I have made, both big and small. The big ones being some of the biggest work I will ever sell. I’m so excited.
Shop update happening 18/7, 9AM AEST. Check your timezones as I cannot do it for you. Prices are not yet established.
Sculpture on the left NFS sorry.
The flowers are dead banksias. 💚

Smoking pipes.🌬🌀
An old fav is making a come back this update. Only a small batch though like everything else. Never mass produced. Just little me making it all.
Shop update happening 18/7, 9AM AEST. Check your timezones as I cannot do it for you.
Prices are not yet established sorry please be patient. Have a lovely day everyone 😘💜🌻

Tat-tile tumblers (cups) 🖤
A play on the words tactile, textile and tattoo.
Tactile means to be connected with the sense of touch/designed to be perceived by touch.
Textile means a type of woven fabric/cloth-weaving.
‘Tat’ coming from the word tattoo meaning to make/mark.
Inspired by the textiles, ceramics and tattoos of the Slavic, Balkan and Amazighs (Berber), of Eastern and Southern Europe and North Africa and the intersection and similarities of patterns across disciplines and regions of the world. From Belarusian embroidery to African mud cloth, (low) art is the connection. So much history has been lost in these areas of the world (everywhere really) due to war and genocide, but the thing that continues on is art traditions and spirit. Made to help you connect with yourself through touch and ritual nourishment (depending on what you choose to drink from the tumblers). Everyday objects should have purpose, just like art. My art will always strive to be a marriage of both. Never quite just functional items always artful and useful. Art to live with.
Shop update happening 18/7 at 9AM AEST. Check your timezones as I cannot do it for you. Mark it set alarms and all that jazz because it does sell out straight away.
Have a lovely day everyone.

Medicine combs. 👁✨
At the end of last year I decided to make myself a comb (top one to be exact). My hair and I don’t have a very good relationship, it falls out a lot because of my anxiety to the point where I have/had bald patches and nearly shaved my head. It also got so bad that I couldn’t brush my hair properly because brushing it would make it fall out even more, not brushing it wouldn’t help either because it had become so thin and fine that it would become a tangled mess and chunks would then come out, so I got a nice bamboo massage detangling comb but Beatrice fucking ate so I decided to make one just for me to help manage my hair, and it’s getting a lot better. I didn’t share it at the time because I didn’t think much of it/didn’t really believe it would be something worth making. But then I let go of my doubts and thought fuck it, ima do what I want. So they are also something new coming next update which is still TBA but happening in July. 3 different shapes, all one of a kind. Please note I will not have prices/pricing until a week or two before the update sorry. Have a nice day everyone. Be kind to one another. 💜💜

Sorry not sorry for the 4 week absence/lack of posting on here. I have been busy working my little butt off and not paying attention to this app. All that talk of me making new things was worth it. This is just one of the things that I have been working on, isn’t she a beaut! All coils, no throwing. She is already spoken for but she is just a TEA-RIFFIC taste of what is to come. 😍
Update happening in July, exact date TBA.

This is Harold. Harold is a drawing I birthed over 7 years ago now. I made him the day after a failed suicide attempt. It wasn’t the first nor was it the last (I will not go into detail of how). He is my little guardian though. He was the point where I realised that even in all that shit, all that darkness there was still something there in me. I was too young and depressed to really get the importance of it all. Now I do and I treasure it. He was kind of the start of a turning point, even though it got a lot lot worse before it got better. Looking at him now makes me realise all I need, all that I want and crave I can find inside myself, and you are never truly alone and love is all around even when it’s hard to see and feel. When I started selling my artwork he was the first thing I started selling. Him in print form. (I don’t sell prints anymore). He is the point where all of this truly started, even if I didn’t know it then.
If you are reading this and struggling let it be your sign. Healing takes time. YEARS! It isn’t easy at all and it comes in waves and very rarely all at once. Realise and remember you really are loved even if you are convincing yourself otherwise. Get help. Reach out to your friends and family, go see someone, doesn’t always have to be a traditional doctor. Go online and use an online resource if you don’t have it in you to talk to someone directly right now. But just start. Start your own healing. It will be hard. A lot harder than being depressed. And it will get good and then bad again and then good, because that’s life. But trust me when I say this it is fucking worth it and you a definitely needed here. I can’t help you personally because I am still healing myself but reach out to the ones you love. They will help you more than you know now. Don’t be ashamed it’s ok to be a mess. Love you 💜💜💜

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