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Upholsterer In Training.  Carolyn Atherton. Available for commissions, freelance opportunities and creative collaborations. Based in London, UK.

Summer term at the #goodlifecentre 🌞 Classmate Jo has finished her vintage #barkcloth Ben Chair. Pictured ⬆ getting its big moment underneath the infamous sign. #upholstery #upholsterer #training #vintage #barkcloth #benchair #midcenturystyle #upholsterywednesdays

Check out my Insta story for a sneak preview of my current project with @kodastudios @pendletonwm Feedback welcome! πŸ’‹ #frank_says_sit_ #mypendleton

Howdy followers, I'm taking a brief sabbatical from Instagram (an instabbatical??...) to concentrate on a couple of collaborative projects. Back in early May... with pics! Kisses πŸ’‹πŸ’‹#franksayssit

Top 9 Insta posts that have been inspiring the flip out of me just lately.

@barbara_osorio_fabrics I have one chair in my collection that I plan to re-upholster and keep for myself forever and ever. You are looking at the dream fabric right now. πŸ’₯ @modernitystockholm (via @scandinavian_collectors) Reminiscent of a very fabulous chair that I wanted to steal very badly from an Air B&B apartment a few months back. I didn't, of course. πŸ’₯ @malin_tapetserare I recently committed myself to learning how to sew all types of velvet on the machine. As a result my saved posts are velvet-tastic and this one is particularly terrific.Β πŸ’₯ @livingcorriere Because we don't know how it happened but myself and THREE of my Goodlife Centre classmates are all working on chairs just like this one at the moment. πŸ’₯ @bocadolobo (via @majestic_interiordezign) Would love to know the story behind this project, namely: what came first? The awesome art? The awesome sofa? How did this awesomeness happen? It gives me an idea for an exhibition that I'll probably only ever organise in my imagination. πŸ’₯ @rudy_iovino So, so very cool. πŸ’₯ @coffynfurniture Call it a pipe dream if you want, but I refuse to be happy with my box cushions until they're as freaking flawless as this skillfully-made day bed. πŸ’₯ Can't you just picture my button-making paraphernalia inside this trinket box? ...You can't? ...You'd like me to purchase the trinket box so that you can see exactly what that would look like? Well, okay... πŸ’₯ @millstapetserare Because white-haired upholsterers win everyone's vote, every time. This gentleman's name is Bengt.

Thank you Instagram! πŸ’‹

#upholstery #upholsterer #inspiration #top9 #topnine #ilovethiscommunity

#top9 #2017Β πŸ’₯Β Not my own posts, but 9 killer Insta feeds that I've appreciated a lot this year. V. hard to choose. It could've been a top 90!

@brunopaulinlopez The Bruce Springsteen of upholstery, i.e. #theboss πŸ’₯ @manny_f100 In my opinion, the heart of the Insta upholstery community. An excellent feed for anyone who aspires to a trade, not just a job or a hobby. This headboard pretty much broke my Samsung Galaxy J5 it was so good πŸ’₯@amandineaesthetic I can heartily recommend following someone a couple of years ahead of you whose work, creativity and holiday table settings you aspire to. For me, this is she πŸ’₯ @martinasperl When you can visualise exactly how your dream Insta feed would look, and occasionally you achieve it, and then you discover the upholsterer who's already smashing it out, every time, like the pro that you 'aint... Major feed goals. Maaaaajor feed goals πŸ’₯ @sunbeam_vintage So many vintage stores. This one is my favourite πŸ’₯ @kamada28 When a team in Japan is specialising in vintage European furniture, you know their collection is gonna be good πŸ’₯ @studioelizabethrose A friend asked me recently "how's the embroidery going?" I think she meant "upholstery." That, or she saw this superb collaboration with @pixel_thread and assumed that this is what every upholsterer does πŸ’₯ @theworstchairmakerinportland because #lols πŸ’₯ Finally, a tribute to ALL the animals loved by ALL the upholsterers everywhere, as represented here by Pip the dog who is being very helpful in this pic at the #schoolofstuff (repost @piastjohn). Special shout out also to Bart the workshop lamb @k_antiquate who was running just too dang fast for me to catch and include here.

German mid century accent chair in Kirkby Puzzle Lime. Chair from LOVELITTER in Peckham, SE London. This was a fun project! #upholstery #upholsterer #midcentury #chair @kirkbydesign @lovelitterhq #upholsterywednesdays

Last of the #upholsterywednesdays until 2018 and the day we say goodbye to our spectacular #upholstery #teacher Louise Richardson @loulourich πŸ’“Over the past 15 months these hands πŸ‘ have taught us everything from corners to spring ties to scroll arms, not to mention the very highest of standards and attention to detail that any clumsy newbie upholsterer could wish for. Louise has made the task of taking on the first group of @goodlifecentre 1-year upholstery students look easy, despite the fact that, at times, Ayesha has been anything but! πŸ˜€πŸ˜πŸ˜‚ ...But above all it is Louise's calmness, kindness and modesty that have perhaps made the deepest impression on us; three qualities that I'm sure we're all hoping to emulate as we finally start to pursue our own upholstery goals in 2018. Very best of wishes to Lou for her next big project πŸ‘ͺ Please don't forget our names in 2 months' time! πŸ’‹

Getting experience in a professional workshop sure has a way of making you feel like a beginner all over again. As well it probably should! Nothing else for it but to roll up the sleeves and double those efforts πŸ’₯ #upholstery #learning #nextlevel #showup #stepup πŸ’₯

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