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FranF_94  Italian girl. College student. Writer of fan fiction. Jonatic since 2007. Love and support my Jonas boys, always. ❀


They don't need a reunion. I'd love to see them play together again, but it is THEIR choice. I still support @kevinjonas @joejonas and @nickjonas with all my heart and soul... I supported them as a band and now I'm supporting them in their solo careers. 11 years in this fandom . πŸ’ͺ That's it. Anyway... this is a proof that we are the most loyal fan in the world. πŸ’– #jonasbrothers #kevinjonas #joejonas #nickjonas #jonatic

Well 2018 brings to us this awesome picture of the three Jonas Brothers together and happy. πŸ’– They warm my heart guys, they really do. I'm so happy that they're enjoying some good time together. 😍 Maybe one day they'll play music together again. I support their solo careers, but pics like this one make me hope again. πŸ˜… Anyway I absolutely love their bond. These three boys have my heart. ❀ #jonasbrothers #kevinjonas #joejonas #nickjonas

So @nickjonas did not win a Golden Globe last night, but I'm so proud of him. He is such an incredible artist and Home is an amazing song with a great meaning and lyrics. πŸ‘πŸŽΆ He was so happy and honored just for the nomination. His smile was so big on the red carpet with his bro @joejonas and his sister-in-law @sophiet by his side. πŸ’– This is just the start for all the recognition Nick deserves.πŸ’™ #nickjonas #joejonas #jonasbrothers #sophieturner #GoldenGlobes

Golden Globes throwback: Jonas Brothers in 2009. They were such three babies here 😒😍. Wishing good luck to @nickjonas! πŸ€ Hope he'll win tonight, but in anycase I'm so proud of him! πŸ’™ #nickjonas #jonasbrothers #joejonas #kevinjonas #GoldenGlobes #home #ferdinand

It is 2018 and I need so bad to say one thing: dear @franklinjonas who told you you could grow up and be so handsome like your older brothers?😍 Who? He always will be 6 years old in my heart, but this year he will turns 18! πŸ’™ #frankiejonas #jonasbrothers #nickjonas #joejonas #kevinjonas

Look who there is in my newspaper today! Can't wait to see Jumanji 2! @nickjonas 😎 #nickjonas #jumanji2 #jumanji2welcometothejungle

I can proudly say it’s almost 2018 & I’m still a hardcore Jonas Brothers fan. 10 years as Jonatic and I love @kevinjonas @joejonas @nickjonas more than ever. 2017 was a great year fo us: we get awesome pics with all the three brothers, we see Alena and Valentina grew up in two amazing little girls (Kevin as a daddy is the best thing everπŸ’•) , Joe is engaged with Sophie (I still can not believe it! Congratulation man!😍) and Nick's success between music and movie is mind bowling. I hope that 2018 will be your Year, I wish you joy and laughts, love and hope. πŸŽ‰ πŸ’–πŸ‘#jonasbrothers #kevinjonas #joejonas #nickjonas #jonatic

Check out my YouTube Channel for see tons of Jonas new/old/rare videos. I just upload a new version of Nick Jonas voice evolution till 2017! In the next days I will make the new versions of Kevin and Joe voice evolution (I'm not sure to make it now cause I have some college stuff to do guys πŸ˜•) LINK IN BIO!☺ #nickjonas #jonasbrothers

New stereo for Christmas! My old one was broken, but I never asked for a new one so this is a surprise! Thank daddy! ☺ What is the best way to celebrate this gift? Listen a Jonas Brothers album of course! πŸ™† #jonasbrothers #nickjonas #joejonas #kevinjonas #jonatic

Merry Christmas guys! I'm spending these joyful days with my family. Hope that you'll spend the Holiday with your loved ones. Wish you joy and a lot of laughts. πŸŽ„πŸŽπŸŽ‰β€ PS and I can exactly remember the moment when I saw this precious photo of the Jonas family. It is still one of my favs! 😊 #jonasbrothers #kevinjonas #joejonas #nickjonas #frankiejonas #jonasfamily #jonatic #christmas

Check out my new Niley video "Niley - Perfect ❀"! I think that the song "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran is made for Nick and Miley's love story. Link for my YouTube Channel in my bio. πŸ’• #niley #nickjonas #mileycyrus #jonasbrothers #nileyforever

Last day of college before the winter break! Let's celebrate this day with this sweet Christmas photo of the Jonases back in 2003. #jonasbrothers #nickjonas #joejonas #kevinjonas #frankiejonas #kevinjonassenior #denisejonas #jonasfamily #Christmas πŸŽ„β€β˜Ί

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