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Guy on the right is @atticusking. As owner to amazing companies like Victoria Court and Ignition, he's easily one of the sharpest and most consistently successful entrepreneurs in Manila.

He's also my godbrother β€” our dads would have been best friends for close to half a century this year if Tito Archie didn't pass away in an unfortunate accident some years back.

So I'm still on a bit of a high from the other night. After going hard at the gym, we spent the next several hours talking about family, the growth of our businesses, progressive new diets, a spectrum of different workout techniques, the importance of goals...all the good stuff.

But the true highlight for me was how we spent the latter part of the night on YouTube watching videos of Rogan, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Shapiro and other people I deeply look up to debating on religion, politics and economics β€” I do this ALL THE FUCKING TIME and to have someone I love like a brother enthusiastically geek out over the discourse with me was such an incredible feeling. I'm not alone! πŸ˜‚

Made me so happy when he said he wanted to expose Storm (his infant daughter) to these intellectuals so she grows up to be a thinker.

After a final hour of discussing several of the points made and the powerful takeaways, Atz left me with advice, the source of which being his own personal experience. Knowing I'm newly single, he said to go ahead and keep dating as much as I want...but to never ever settle.

Solid insight. There will always be this endless, flowing stream of girls, but when you get yourself right, you'll never have to choose anything other than the best.

Keep your mind sharp. Keep your body inescapably fit. Keep your money right. Keep your focus keenly on your goals for yourself. Keep your heart in the right place. Keep a humble, incessant desire for definitive self-improvement.

Keep THIS sort of elevated existential work-life balance and settling for someone beneath you won't ever cross your mind.

His wife Kim is a stellar human being and it's such a joy to see how happy they are. This, to me, is the apex experience of spending time with people you care about.

If only our dads could see us, he said.

The days are long but the years are short. πŸ¦„

Pulled the words from the page of my very good friend @breannaespina.

Some added perspective for those who work as hard and push themselves as unremittingly as we do to perhaps find just the right amount of work-life balance that allows you to live in the moment as intensely and as frequently as your life lets you.

Thank you to my bro Franco Ongkingco and @suititupmanila. This dark blue ensemble is made of 100% wool and likely the best coat+trousers combo I've ever owned. I appreciate the hard work, you guys. Big ups. πŸ•΄

Photos from the book of the talented @a5r7t9.

Last round! Haven't boxed in months β€” pardon the shit form. πŸ˜„ Thanks for filming this, brother @ericejercito. (Swipe left!)

#ExecutiveTalks πŸ‡΅πŸ‡­

So there's good news, great news, and the greatest news ever.


As of next month, Exceptional Sports Philippines (@esports_ph) will be an OFFICIAL FOUNDATION...meaning we'll finally be recognized by the Philippine government and fully licenced to help kids with autism, down syndrome, ADHD and other mental disabilities.

Congrats, guys! What a sweet win.


We had a hundred and fifty (150) children and volunteers last Saturday -- our biggest-ever turn out for any event by far. Feels like we're on a rocket ship and there's nowhere to go but up. So many adorable kids!


The one on my shoulders didn't poop his pants. πŸ†

Good morning, everyone! Don't forget to do something kind for someone today. πŸ•

Every adult life could be said to be defined by two great love stories:

The first β€” the story of our quest for sexual love β€” is well known and well charted, its vagaries form the staple of music and literature, it is socially accepted and celebrated.

The second β€” the story of our quest for love from the world β€” is a more secret and shameful tale. If mentioned, it tends to be in caustic, mocking terms, as something of interest chiefly to envious or deficient souls, or else the drive for status is interpreted in an economic sense alone.

And yet this second love story is no less intense than the first, it is no less complicated, important or universal, and its setbacks are no less painful. There is heartbreak here too.


Happy Monday evening, my friends. Hope everyone started the week strongly.

Yesterday, Carlos Portal β€” filmmaker to super highly acclaimed Netflix series #Narcos β€” was shot dead in one of the most violent areas of Mexico while scouting for new locations for season 4. This really sucks.

Carlos was a talented guy who worked on monster franchises like Fast And The Furious and James Bond. Love, good energy, and the deepest of condolences to his family.

As many of you know, season 3 dropped just a few days ago. I scheduled to post this clip on Wednesday for the usual pop-culture-comments-section discourse and in a much happier tone, but obviously can't do that anymore.

In a pivot to a small tribute, I sit down and chat with my brothers @brandonthetruthvera and @jasonmagbanua on what might just be the sickest show on #Netflix today. Savvy commentary from the heavyweight champion of the world and the greatest short-form Filipino director of all time. πŸ¦‹ Swipe left!

Feel free to comment below and let me know what you think of the new season. I've yet to start it so no spoilers please.

Finally got to spend a full Sunday with my best friends. Some few years ago, we had this daily, undeviating routine of spending hours upon hours breaking each other at the gym before dinner and drinks -- it was beautiful.

Been a while, boys. My fault. Missed you guys and really happy we got to do this today. I promise to make more time. πŸ’Ž

Thank you to @royalcarriagesph and @nationalcarph for picking us up and letting us roll to the #EBloggersBall in a 1983 w126 Mercedes 300SD last night. Never really been a car enthusiast but I thoroughly enjoyed yesterday's 80's mafia+triad feels. πŸ“Ώ

Particularly thoughtful was the note from my good friend @mdc_83: Driver, car and gas taken care of. Driver's meals as well. Just enjoy tonight.

Good stuff. πŸŽ‰

When you need a ride of any sort, the abovementioned companies carry a hundred vehicles of this nature -- from vintage sedans for weddings to large vans for out of town beach trips. Option for a driver is yours. Check 'em out, guys. They're excellent.

Thanks for asking me to shoot with you, brother @thedavidfabros. That was fun. 🍎

At this point, it's impossibly difficult to count the number of times I've been asked how to effectively get a point across on social media. Too often over the last few years, both online and in person, people have asked me how to fight, especially when it comes to anything political.

It's quite simple:

If you want to castrate the souls of your foes on social, the essential attribute isn't aggression or eloquence. Neither is it intelligence, as I think most people would presume.

The essential attribute is prudence.

When you're not sure, be quiet. When you're uninformed, which will be the case most of the time, decisively choose to shut the fuck up.

When you do speak up, you will be a destroyer of worlds. 🌐

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