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Tiffany Toliver  Learn About All Aspects of Franchising | Find, Buy, Build, and Operate a Successful Franchise. Check out our latest video at👇

Friday, I was approached by a gentleman and his wife and they asked about a specific franchised restaurant concept/brand. They were retiring with a bunch of money and they wanted to know if they should invest in the concept. My response to them was ..... link in the bio!

When and where should you start looking for a General Contractor for your franchise location? Visit our blog to find out - Link in the bio!

This week I decided to do some research into the history of some of my favorite brands. While I was digging around in the archives, I found that some brands have been competing with each other for decades! What's more interesting is how some of the stories of the brands are intertwined. Check out he link in the bio to learn 'Who Came First?'

Along with your franchise agreement and perhaps a personal guaranty, your lease is a contractual document that will be with you throughout your journey as a franchisee. In fact, many leases are written to mirror the franchise agreement in initial term and option duration. In today’s post, I’ve put together 5 important clauses that you’ll find in your lease. Make sure you familiarize yourself with these clauses before you execute your lease agreement. Check out there full post - link in the bio!

Today, we’re going to answer some of your franchise questions! We’ve received a number of questions from you on our various social media outlets; some questions have been asked multiple times so we made sure that those questions made it into today’s Q&A. Visit our website for more information Link in the bio!

Most franchisees and/or small business owners lease space for their business. In our latest blog post we go over 5 basic clauses to make sure are in your Letter of Intent. These clauses are important to negotiate up front in your Letter of Intent so that you don't waste your time, resources, and give up your leverage negotiating them when you get to the Lease. Visit our blog for more info - Link in the bio!

Are Real Estate Brokers a necessity to find a site for your Franchise? In our newest blog post, we discuss the different types of Commercial Real Estate Brokers, exactly how much they get paid, and who should pay them (the Tenant or the Landlord).

Did you know that we're on Youtube? Check out our channel - Link in the bio!

We received some questions about franchise royalties. Check out our latest blogpost to see how they're calculated. Link in the bio! #royalties #franchise

Have you ever wondered why some companies don't franchise? Check out our latest blogpost to find out why they don't! Link in the bio!

Check out our Newest Blogpost on Prime Cost, Operational Expenses, and Profit! Link in the bio! #profit #business #smallbusiness

"Action is the Foundational Key to all Success" -Pablo Picasso #action #success #business #makemoves #juststart

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