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FRANCES VERWEIJ  Skiër from the Netherlands 🔜 Mauritius - Austria - Macedonia @atomicski | @poederbaas | @revo @revozonnebrillen Poederbaas freeride movie ⤵︎

This is my way of recovering from seven months of mini jetlags... ⤵️
I’ve had a very fun summer working my second season as a full-time flight attendant.
The airline I’m working for only flies in and around Europa, so we luckily don’t have to deal with different time zones. But despite that it’s still very exhausting. Because for example at some days you have to wake up at 3AM and some days your working day ends at 3AM. I think a lot of people underestimate this job and don’t understand the tiredness a flight attendant has, it’s not just a regular kind of tiredness. Your whole system is confused, we create kinda mini jetlags by the untypical working hours we have. I never thought this would had this much impact on my body.
Sorry to all the people who I’ve kept waiting for me and sorry for all the complaining that I was tired all the time.
I still really love my job and I’m looking forward to next summer season! But I wanted to make you realize it’s not something to be taken lightly to work in the aviation :)
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You name it, Dubai has it. And if it doesn’t, it’s building it... 🏙 Visited the Burj Khalifa, which is the tallest building of the world. Look at the other skyscrapers in the distance. Could you even imagine how tall this building is?!
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BFF hangover Saturday in style 😎 The Freeride Film Festival 2018 in Amsterdam was a blast, as always! Until next year ;)
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Yeahhh tonight will be the premiere of the new @poederbaas movie “Create your signature” at the Freeride Film Festival in Amsterdam!
To celebrate this you can get a 10% discount on your purchase. Check out their awesome and comfy beanies on the Instagram or the website of Poederbaas :) Use my code FRANCES10 to get yours!
See you tonight! 🍻📽🎞
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Helloooo weekend! Time to be a hero and rescue some wine trapped in a bottle 🍾 (tb to the sunny summer)
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It’s getting colder! Time to get the beanies from the dust! 🌬 Who’s excited for winter?!
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We will be the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing homes 🤪 @carmen.akkermans
Throwback to a fun weekend two weeks ago 💃🏼
📸: @conny_sc
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Some deeeep thoughts.... 💭
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“Come on baby, just one little kiss. I swear I’m a prince, trust me! Look at this face, would I lie?? Please baby please.” 🐸
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Being surrounded by horses clears my mind, they are such beautiful creatures! There is something about the gentle wisdom in a horse's eye that can put even the most troubled soul at peace.
📸: @carmen.akkermans
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Four years ago, I was working at a summer camp in the U.S. I was part of the equestrian team. This was without doubt my best summer ever, riding horses everyday was so much fun. At the end of the summer I had a little accident, I got kicked by a horse in my back.
Today was the first time I sat on a horse since then, and ohhh I missed it sooo much. Definitely going to try to ride more!
Vielen dank @conny_sc 😍
#horse #horsebackriding #pony #nature #bareback

Dirndl vibes! About yesterday: it was my first time at the Oktoberfest in Munich, and it was so much fun! From riding a rollercoaster to drinking liters of beer out of a mug which was way too heavy to carry with one hand. Until next year! 🎡🍻
📸: @carmen.akkermans
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