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Who has no thumbs and loves dog food? This guy. #thisguy #dogfood

I filled all the cup holders with dog food.

If there is a better way to itch your back, I don't know about it.

I'll wear Ryan clothes to work tomorrow you can wear Frances clothes. #bringyourdogtoworkday

Don't forget to bring the Frances flag to the Women's March this weekend. #womensmarch #dc

My captors are insane. At least the dog food they supply makes life tolerable. #dogs #frances #ungratefuldog #happynewyear

She's giving Scott another chance AGAIN?!?! I almost spat out my dog food in disbelief. #kardashian #scottdisick

I'm headed out to rob a liquor store...I mean out to eat dog food. Just dog food. No crime. #dogcrimes #nothingtoseehere

I'm just going to stay here for the next four years. #trump

My new exercise regimen is centered around spooning. #crossfit #weekendwarrior

Just give me a hint! I'm never gonna win this game of hangman on my own.

Who has four paws and loves belly rubs? This Frances

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