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Francesca Seminatore  Born on May 20th, 1973. Turin, Italy

"A muso duro", Pierangelo Bertoli, live 1986

Migrazioni |dettaglio|, olio su tela, 100x90 cm.

Migrazioni |dettaglio|, olio su tela, 100x90 cm.

Migrazioni, olio su tela, 100x90 cm. ______________________________________________

Acquerello e china su rotolo di carta, 26x89 cm.

Acquerello e china su rotolo di carta, 26x89 cm.

Acquerello e china su rotolo di carta, 26x89 cm.

The strawberry squid, gets its common name from the berry-like appearance of its bright-red body speckled with numerous luminescent photophores. ⁣

Photophores have a wide range in structure from a simple group of photogenic cells to organs with photogenic cells surrounded by reflectors, lenses, light guides, color filters and muscles— used to lure prey & become invisible to predators at a moments notice. ⁣

What’s with the eyes though? Other scientists call this species the cockeyed squid because an adult squids left eye can measure more than twice the diameter of the right eye. Heck, while everyones coming up with nicknames-- we’re gonna refer to it as the terminator squid lol. But if ya wanna get ultra-geeky their science name is Histioteuthis heteropsis! ⁣

“Researchers believe the large eye with its yellow lens is specialized for breaking the counterillumination (a camouflaging technique) of prey items in the water column above the squid, while the small eye is specialized for picking up bioluminescent flashes from predators or prey items down below.” (@mbari_news )⁣

What an incredible adaptation, huh nation? An eye to see through other animals invisibility cloaks at 900-3000 feet (300-1000 m) underwater. What other creatures have we yet to discover? @mbari_news works daily to discover new species of animals— so if you wanna be the first to know about a new discovery— follow them!⁣


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