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F R Δ N C E S C Δ  [brown eyes, small towns and big dreams] Daily Stories 🗝 Follow for Feels [leave sparkles wherever u go] #Youtuber :UK #unilife #studentlife click⤵️

she looked at him in French...

Date someone who is a home and an adventure all at once ☄Creds to my fave @robertovoltaphoto #ilovethe3amversionofpeople

I would.. 🍦
#tb to when i was eating italian gelato in a bikini

'at what point does loving someone turn into self sabbotage?' photography from @robertovoltaphoto

night air, good conversations and a sky full of stars can heal almost all wounds

'And most importantly, don't betray yourself. Not for a relationship. Not for status. Not for power. Not for money. Not to fit into a stereotype. Not to look in a certain way. Not for approval. Don't betray yourself.' To my talented photographer @robertovoltaphoto

me not dealing with your bs


"I don't do small talk. I want to talk about magic, different cultures, aliens, death, dancing naked in the rain, faraway places, fantasies, traveling to different galaxies, music that makes you feel, memories that will never leave, your flaws, your favorite smell, how you would paint the sky, what keeps you up at night, what brings you excitement each morning, your insecurities, dreams, & fears."

delicious ambiguity 💫 no labels define us #fromboyfriendtobestfriend

can't be tamed

Hola bb ❤ Us in a picture #whysorude

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