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Today I have the immense pleasure of hunkering down to work in the Houses of Parliament. I have been invited to regularity represent ‘Women in Enterprise’ and join policy makers, ambassadors and business leaders from around the world. I look forward to learning and contributing more to how we can support and raise women who contribute so much to the business landscape. #business #pleasure #forwarding #leadership #internationalwomensday2019 #iwd2019 #iwd #internationalwomensday #thisgirlcan
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Wonderful to receive news that Goal17 have been shortlisted for another 2 awards with the FSB - Start-up Business of the year and the community award.
We called the company 'Goal 17' based on the United Nation's Sustainable Development Goal No 17, which is about creating partnerships and collaborations to effect positive social change. We attribute much of our success to the wonderful partnerships we have created with so many progressive organisations and individuals who are now working alongside us. It is these people and organisations that we wish to celebrate with these award nominations.
Thank you to everyone who is joining us in our mission to address the issues of homelessness, by embedding a mentoring culture in the companies of our corporate clients - ensure they retain and engage the best talent. Through our programmes we introducing corporate mentors to support homeless and vulnerable 16 to 24 year old's as they embark on a transformational 10-week football academy.
As our success continues to grow we are looking for corporate clients who want to partner with us and help transform the lives of their people and the homeless young people we serve together. Please get in contact with me or Keith Chaplin-Mabbutt to find out more.

@goal17global are incredibly excited to announce that last night we were recognised as having the number 1 sport mentoring programme in UK, winning at the National Mentoring Awards.
At just 5 months old this is amazing recognition and testament to the unique and impactful business model we have created. It is an award that celebrates an amazing team effort of Goal 17, The Street Soccer Foundation and all the brilliant mentors and partners that have engaged in our early programmes.
We were also pleased to be featured in the Evening Standard sharing the news of Goal 17 with a wide audience.
Thank you again to all our supporters. #mentoring #uniqueness #socent #socialchange #award #business #homeless #homelessness #sbs #femaleentrepreneur #femalefounders #successdiaries #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #womenempowerment #business #businessowner #businesswoman #businesses #bethechange #bethelight #femaleentrepreneur #socialentrepreneurship #socent #socents #impactenterprise
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Yesterday saw yet another exciting development for Goal17’s flagship IMPACT programme.
We were invited to meet with the worlds leading university on Coaching and Mentoring to talk about an exciting new partnership.
We look forward to further developing our corporate offering and support for the homeless young people we serve together through exiting new frameworks, accreditation and progressive pathways for our mentors. Watch this space!
@mabbsy07 #youngpeople #mentoring #corporations #coaching #accreditation #partnerships #socent #homeless #socialentrepreneurship

Last night was completely bonkers! For 2 hours we got to take over all time Footballing Legend Neville Southalls twitter account and access to his 146.2k following. Given his private log in details we set up an IT HQ at Maidstone United and managed to get out over 24 tweets sharing how Goal 17 and the Street Soccer Foundation are using the uniting power of football as a catalyst for social change.
Thank you so much to @saramilnerowe for telling Chris, who told Alan, who told Neville about what we are doing!
Also big love to Damon Garwood Chris Newberry and Andy who were amazing at helping us come up with polls, find twitter handles and generally keep me sane!! 😂😂 After conversations late last night I looks like Big Nev may now well be joining us as an ambassador going forward.

Discovering some new trails in the fog this morning.

@goal17global are honored an excited to announced that we are down to the top 3 finalists in the National Mentoring Awards.
Just last year @mabbsy07 and I came up with the vision of creating a new company that not only made a genuine social impact but that would also support companies in developing a mentoring culture. We wanted to end youth homelessness but also give supporters of that initiative an ROI for their investment.
Our belief is that by teaching vital mentoring skills to our corporate clients we are also supporting the prevention of homelessness in the first place. Our challenging economy and landscape is proving that staff retention and engagement is more important than ever before. Our mentoring programmes assist our clients in developing the internal mentoring skills to hold onto their most valuable assets, their people.
We accelerate the learning of or clients by engaging them in meaningful hands on experience that has a certain level of intensity. Each of or corporate participants gets the opportunity to mentor a homeless young person through their own transformational academy programme with our charity partners, The Street Soccer Foundation.
It is an honour that the impact of these programmes is already being recognised.

All time footballing legend, Neville Southall is very kindly allowing Goal 17 to take over his twitter account for two hours on the 27th February! We have his log-in details and for a full 120-mins have access to his 150k following! What a top guy!

So we thought it was time for a celebration... a twitter party if you will! Never heard of a twitter party!? Well, neither had we until we made it up a few days ago, however, it feels like a great excuse to get all of our wonderful supporters and friends together to celebrate how collectively we are tackling youth homelessness.

The plan... come along to the Spitfire bar at Maidstone United FC’s Gallagher Stadium between 6:30pm and 9:30pm. We will be pounding out the tweets and you can join the retweeting fun whilst hearing more about the amazing work The Street Soccer Foundation is doing in partnership with Goal 17 to genuinely impact the issue of youth homelessness.

This will also be a great opportunity to meet and network with other local business people whilst finding out more about how you can get involved in the work we are doing using football to impact vulnerable young lives.

If you can’t come please do join us virtually on twitter @goal17global we will share live action and as much fun as we can squeeze down your broadband cables!
Book now for free at:

When I woke up on Monday morning I had no idea that this week was going to turn out to be quite so bonkers! We definitely weren’t expecting to end up hanging out with Theo Paphitis by Tuesday lunchtime! Complete amazing to find out that from 370,000 entrants we were down to the last 0.67% to win Theo’s #SBS Business Award and be invited to meet him the very next day!
So great to get the recognition for all the hard work of our team in supporting Goal 17 to help bring an end to youth homelessness.
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How we got to meet Theo Paphitis this week and how you can too... what is the #SBS business challenge and how to win it. Let’s get some more Project 17 winners.

Watch the live video Onu IGTV channel or at

@thesbs_crew #SBS #sbsevent2019 #sbswinners @theopaphitis
#femaleentrepreneur #femalefounders #successdiaries #entrepreneurship #socialentrepreneurship #womenempowerment #business #businessowner #businesswoman #businesses #bethechange #bethelight #femaleentrepreneur #socialentrepreneurship #socent #socents #impactenterprise

Before and after!

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