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Nicolai Frahm  Yves Klein @blenheimartfoundation | Ai Weiwei @labiennale Venice | Ugo Rondinone @arkenmuseum |@frahmandfrahm

This 120 mil year old #Deinonychus dinosaur on loan to my friend @andyhall16 and on view at @hall_art_foundation New York. Probably the most important and rarest dinosaur in private hands in the world, one of only 3 known examples. This specimen revealed the link between birds and dinosaurs. Here among works by #richardserra #carlandre #richardprince from the Hall Collection.

Fingers crossed 🤞 for the $1.6bil ticket! “All you need is a dollar and a dream @aiww#aiweiwei

Our #JennyHolzer exhibition at @blenheimartfoundation 2017 is nominated for Best Public Exhibition worldwide by the Global Fine Art Awards. The winner will be announced in March 2019 🙏🏻 @blenheimpalace #blenheimpalace #blenheimartfoundation #globalfineartawards

Congratulations to my friend and great artist #JulianSchnabel on his exhibition at @museeorsay opening today amongst masters #VincentvanGogh #ClaudeMonet #ToulouseLautrec #PaulCezanne #museedorsay

The £1mil shredded @Banksy is a fantastical story... but a HOAX.
Last Friday at @Sothebys a painting considered by some Banksy’s masterpiece sold for a price tying the artist’s previous world record, whereafter it self-destructed through a shredder built into the frame and run by a battery. According to the artist this was an act against the art market if the painting should ever appear in auction, and supposedly Sotheby’s had no knowledge of this. Here is the issue... even the best fully charged battery lose about 20% of its capacity a year. Since this work was produced in 2006 this battery would have been at minus -120% capacity. Furthermore, Banksy’s world record in 2006 was £62k, making it highly unlikely that the artist would predict that his work years later would be so highly valued that such a joke would even matter. Nice joke #Banksy and #Sothebys!

Last chance today to see our blue invasion of #YvesKlein @blenheimartfoundation @blenheimpalace. Open today until 5.30PM #blenheimartfoundation #blenheimpalace @frahmandfrahm #frahmandfrahm

Last chance today to see our blue invasion of #YvesKlein @blenheimartfoundation @blenheimpalace. Open today until 5.30PM #blenheimartfoundation #blenheimpalace @frahmandfrahm #frahmandfrahm

This Saturday 11AM-Noon I will be issuing Swiss passports on behalf of #TomSachs at @thaddaeusropac. Come get yours for €20 (no British pounds accepted)! #thaddaeusropac #london

#YvesKlein @blenheimartfoundation catalogue is out! Get it on (Publications) #blenheimpalace @blenheimpalace @yves_klein_official #frahmandfrahm

Vegetarian revolution at the new @nomacph. Congrats to our friends @reneredzepinoma @pkreiner @bjarkeingels #nomacph #reneredzepi #bjarkeingels

Incredible show by #JennyHolzer @tate. Many works from our show last year @blenheimartfoundation #tatemodern #blenheimpalace #blenheimartfoundation

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