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  ❌TRIGGER WARNING❌ DID system of 21+🎭 Recovering from mental illness/ ch trauma Our abusers shattered our soul and we were left to pick up pieces👥👥

Im really struggling -reanna

Havent been on because insta is trigerin a fuck - Thomas

Again we havent been on for ages.
I honesty think im avoiding instagram because its really just triggering for all of us iv embeen on talking to few people but i dont know its just so hard.
We are doing ok we had to go back down to see the dodys motger wich was really hard and super triggering but we held up pretty well considering and didnt switch to much ☺.
Im holding up ok but its still so frigin hard to deal with all this stuff im not sure what to think.
I also got our septum pierced which i really love 😊 and thats it.
Right now things are stable lets hope it satys that way -clair

I am so tiard of being rejected, brushed off and left alone. I feel like everyone hates me and everyone in the system. People on here are blocking me and i dont what we have done and im so confused and i feel so alone. I hate these feelings. Anything good that happens in my life someone has to try and ruin and i am just so sick of it.
The old host is gorn and i dont know how to handle all this and im just so lost

Time for trivia n dinner with freinds ☺😊😊😊😊 -clair

So apparently people have been blocking us wich is really confuseing as idk what has happened. If we are doing something wrong please message us i really want to know

See below *note we are changeing our name to @fragmented.feelings

So again we are apologetic as we havent been on for ages.

Basically we have lost all sanity and are torn between hiding and faceing what is really going on.

We nearly went impatient after a therapy session that ended really badly. Our therapist would say what happened but it involved some destructive behavior and what not.
Technically we were in hospital for a few days but i dont remember and it wasent at the unit so idk.
After the insident we also had a two host changes. reanna is no longer the host now i am (clair)and i really hate but hey whatever. We are all trying to get her back but it has been useless so far.

Anyway glad to be back on here as u all are so supportive. Love yall

Relapse vs recovery

Im thinking about changing our account name ro something that suits us a bit more.
Here are some of the names we are thinking about... tell us what you think we would all love to hear from you!

1) mending.multiple
3) fractured_face
4) fragmented.feelings
5) shattered_system
Comment a number or a suggestion ☺

Umm nnot technically
Um my mother


so we ended up relapseing and ended up bingeing and purgeing then lily came out and self harmed pretty bad. We should probably go and get stiches but im scared because i dont want to tell anyone and and our therapist is away for two weeks😢

Random peice of writing.

I hate fighting something invisable
I dont even know what im fighting
An i like this because of truama or am i just fucked up
Did anything even happen or is my brain just delusional
Either way i dont know how to fix this
If something did happen than how can i get beeter if i dont remember
If i didnt then what do i do
I just am so confused
I think something happened but i dont know what or what to do
All i have are these confusing visions that dont make sence. And the outher alters have flashbacks but i can never remember them.
I try so hard not to switch but its like anyhing we talk about is locked away and the slightest thing me and Quentin (my therapist ) talk about sets me off and im just so scared. Its like im battleing an extra invisible person that feels like dosent exist.
I just dont feel strong enogh to fight something i cant find. I want to get better and recover but recovery is so hard because i dont know what im recovering from. I dont know who i am anymore. Its like someone has smashed my soul with a axe and fragmented it into little peices. I cant understand anything anymore. I feel ill have no future ever. I get better for a bit but then i fall and i get more lost in this maze they call recovery aka the worse experience. I dont want to relive this trauma but i dont want to live not knowing what happened because i know then ill never get better. Its like im looking through a kilidascope at the world and the world is spinning as i drift above watching it go past. All my freinds live far away and are dateing, partying and having fun. And i cant even leave the house because im scared of men and loud noises make me jump and croweded place give me panic attacks and certain smells and sounds make me dissociate and switch.  And i just feel trapped because there is nothing i can do. Everyone hates me even my parents and the people i live with and i am just so fucking done.

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