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emily ;  pura vida─┄ ༴ live a little ⊰ 🕊 ⊱

I almost posted this on my personal oops
okay I know this is gross but I still kind of feel gross so
I'll post something nice soon- maybe a remake
dt; @cravingcas

I promise I'll post soon I'm just vvvvvV busy atm

I should wait to post this but I want to finish my requests so here's Sam + Eileen 🍑
okok but just look at how she looks at him
dt/rb; @aintnome
#spn #supernatural #samwinchester #eileenleahy

Into the woods to grandmother's house! 🍂
something you should know about me; I love Into the Woods– favorite movie
「zoom for detail」
#intothewoods #emilyblunt #jamescorden #merylstreep

I absolutely love Alycia 💐
#the100 #lexa #alyciadebnamcarey

—You have a real gratitude problem, you know that?
dt/rb; @clarastie
ib; @cascollins
#the100 #roan

icons 🍑
⋙ dm me for use!!
currently in use: 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

Daryl + bike
cause I haven't edited my boy yet
#twd #thewalkingdead #daryldixon

In biology class my freshman year I had a baby with Benedict Cumberbatch. true story.
so here's a Sherlock edit + icon?
dt/rb; @gemstiel 🕊
#sherlock #johnwatson

I don't edit Sam enough honestly
#spn #supernatural #samwinchester

I felt the need to edit Steven Yeun ♡
tags༴#twd #thewalkingdead #glennrhee
++ y'all can use this as an icon if you want idc dm me I'll remove the watermark

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