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Jeremy  Drawing since may 2016. These are mostly observational studies and copies as I learn to draw from imagination.

Going social media silent again for awhile probably but here's a little update of how I've been progressing. Bought a cintiq so I've been doing that. Learning digital painting is coming along but I'm not gonna post any of that yet lol. The motorcycle is in ballpoint in my sketchbook but rearranged in ps a bit. Also visited CCS in Detroit and really want to go there now. Thanks again all the new followers and even more the oldies 😎

Hahahahaha welcome new followers from James lol. I'm gonna spend some more time with these books and hopefully I will have some cool shit to show for it when I return. I'm going silent on social media for awhile. @moderndayjames Thanks dude I needed that confidence boost. I'm gonna stop in your stream if I can catch it outside of a class or whatever. Still blown away by your work every time.

Study of a prototype military vehicle. Think I might go on ig hiatus until I feel like I suck less.

Bizzarrini manta? Bizarre kinda super car I found on Pinterest. Decided to draw it real quick. Made some poor choices with ellipses and kinda rushed because I only had like an hour to spend on the page.

Warm up sketch just kinda threw some marker down and tried to make something out of it

1 hour from life tonight at beck center didn't finish the lay in

Not real good at this with the brush pen but threw some value on it

Not crazy about it but best attempt from imagination so far

Drew from a toy model after thumbnailing and designing my own failed pretty miserably. Keep chipping away at it though. It'll click eventually.

And another Robertson study. These might seem kinda lame but I think it's really helpful.

Bugatti study

Did another Scott Robertson study. He's so good with line weights. Wish he would make how to design already

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