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Sam Tran  "The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are." (Ernst Haas).

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On prend plus de mouches avec du miel qu'avec du vinaigre! ❤️
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Lunar New Year is coming!! Miss my little cuties!
#throwback #daughter #potrait #babygirl

“You know, sometimes you feel as though you’re dying. Here. And here. Here. You’re dying while you’re breathing.” - Force of Evil.
Credits: @youngnguyendc
Direct and edit: fr.

Day 8: “Spray: The Misunderstood Art”
Featuring @artworkin
Director @juli21an
Camera Operator @eric.mcmullen
Photographer @fr.tien

👏👏👏 Director’s on set. Day 8 “Spray: The Misunderstood Art” #BTS

Tell me if everything will be worth it.
That we can leave everything and go away.
Run run run run and run
No thread no fear no lie
Breath in and breath out
Untie our feet and run through mountains
We’ll make it to the sky. • inspired by Rewrite the Stars •

#travel #ourplanetdaily #femalesolotravel #beautifulworld

My coffee-maker, oops🙊 jk 😂 our cinematographer @loganp0well 👏 Thanks for being amazing!!
#BTS #videographer #camerabuzz

Meet our artist @dryehumor 🙌🤩Always encourage me for the great to come! Always look after me! Thanks so much Christian. Let’s keep it up!!! 💪🔥
#BTS #artandsoul #goodfriend #artist

Shout out to our director @juli21an !!!! 🤩 Big thanks to you for letting me join the team and met great people! Looking forward to the documentary film “SPRAY: the misunderstood art” 🙌🙌 #BTS #director

The question about who make the meaning of art is still, so controversial. Art itself is within everything but also is not, until it is recognized by people, either the artist or the audience. People who create art pieces create a base on which audiences throw their own analysis and comprehension. Then, is the creator’s notion of art makes the art art? Or is the meaning that are created and understood by audiences the art? Maybe the ability of making audiences notice the work and of asking them to give the work a meaning is the artist talent and final distribution to the artwork?! There is no right or wrong answer. Just like how human perceive colors. The given light always brings a spectrum of color in it but also invisible. Until the object absorb some colors and reflect the rest to human eyes, then, people perceive the color as it is within the object, not as the light that was rejected by the object. People tends to give subject a meaning that are easiest for them to understand, not so much of what it truly is. That’s how selfish people are.

Taking a picture of you, PowPow!

Credits: @loganp0well

To be wild and young,
#dream #travel #andhavefun #ourplanetdaily

As hot as the sun
Burnt but it’s life.
#throwback #mailboxpeak #WA #hiking

Running, oh, running
Dangerous but it’s fun.

#throwback #thepeakdistrict #hiking #solotravel

Look at me in the eye, don’t look with prejudice. Don’t you see this body breaks and shakes, screaming for its youth to be reborn? #breakfree

If your soul is at peace, Right or Wrong doesn’t matter. If not, everything bounds to break apart.
New year, free yourself. ❤️

Artworks of SAID Travel 2017

💃💃 Romeo and Juliet @ Cincinnati Music Hall

Loneliness never is a choice, but smile is. It’s the most wonderful time of the year, why not choose a smile?

Photo: @youngnguyendc
Direct & Edit: fr.

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