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Sam Tran  "The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are." (Ernst Haas).

Putting old stuffs on the show! Squeezed and turned to change lens. It was heavy but it was so cool πŸ˜†

Check in Media Heritage Museum at VOA Cincinnati to learn more!

Today's quote from #breakfastattiffanys

This is so.... good!
It has all of me
All of me.
Life is so much of the unknown
Human and nature
Are two but one.

We separated ourselves.
Old days, we live, depend in nature. We grown food for ourselves, we catch an animal without worrying that there are no more for tomorrow. We were adored by nature and embraced by God.
Now, we pay bills to live. We pay to, sometime, rarely, come back to the nature. We have less and pay more for organic stuffs.
We are developing but are destroying.

Break time during photoshoot :"3

If you know.. there are so much to live for.... #calm

Me in "ao dai"- 3 years ago.
How much do you think I have changed? #reflection #tellmesomethingidontknow

There are millions times I tell myself to πŸ‘€ and πŸ‘€ in different ways. It needs practice, a lot of practice to see through. It's hard. It's not easy. And you just need to put all of you into it. Until it become your power.

I wanna go far far away...

Eclipse 2017

Everyone was gathering on campus for a great total eclipse scene today. Some have ecliptic glasses, some use other techniques like boxes, some don't have any. I myself got a pair of glasses from (probably) an unknown Professor on campus and was told "Get it and share to others". So I did.
And it was marvelously happy, not that I could get free glasses nor I could see the moon eating the sun. It was for their happiness on their faces.
So much to realize, that it'd be what I would live for.

#dream #motion
Credits to: Kenny
Direct & Edit: fr.

"To act well in this world," he read,
"one must die within oneself." - from an old book found in Kipling Rudyard's hostage.
- pictured by Kenny, direct and edit by fr.
#lustforlife #irvingstone #vincentvangogh

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