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Sam Tran  "The limitations in your photography are in yourself, for what we see is what we are." (Ernst Haas).

Me in "ao dai"- 3 years ago.
How much do you think I have changed? #reflection #tellmesomethingidontknow

There are millions times I tell myself to 👀 and 👀 in different ways. It needs practice, a lot of practice to see through. It's hard. It's not easy. And you just need to put all of you into it. Until it become your power.

I wanna go far far away...

Eclipse 2017

Everyone was gathering on campus for a great total eclipse scene today. Some have ecliptic glasses, some use other techniques like boxes, some don't have any. I myself got a pair of glasses from (probably) an unknown Professor on campus and was told "Get it and share to others". So I did.
And it was marvelously happy, not that I could get free glasses nor I could see the moon eating the sun. It was for their happiness on their faces.
So much to realize, that it'd be what I would live for.

"To act well in this world," he read,
"one must die within oneself." - from an old book found in Kipling Rudyard's hostage.
- pictured by Kenny, idea and edit by #me
#lustforlife #irvingstone #vincentvangogh

Throwback last year
Vui vui lôi hình ra ngắm hihi
Credits to: @wutteverrr_

Under the rain, everything has a new look, just like it's been washed thousands times.

Team fishing today 😆
Câu cá hay câu "cây" không biết nữa 😂

Throwback last weekend 🔥

One day, shall everything disappear..

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