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— newt scamander <3
i had to edit this cutie i HAD TO
dt azd milène + @xafterlight & @stelired
ac siredargenti
ib ragnarokiddo

— collab part
dt ac @sonderiel
ib ec wintrsivy
— this is bad sorry

— cool kids ft stevebucky
— for oly agam kyla cacey el n johnny <3
— ac obscurlty ib rcbirths

— mr hemsworth let me talk to u
> for nahian miro arooj agam and @nvctry
— rm @mistralous :)

— scrap <3
— ac afterlvst
— ib cc r.osify
— for pip cacey averie storm
— avert ur eyes kids this is the ugliest edit i have ever made

— star crossed lovers
— for helen johnny doro agam storm arooj mary laura emi el n sam
— ac ib iridescentts
— [#omgpage #cassinigrprct]

okay, so all the text are little free verse poems i wrote in second person. the gifs + drawings are hand drawn and animated, i did them by myself (one is inspired by deimoss on tumblr) the details of the written pieces are in the comments! please read them <3 i lowkey hate this but i am vv proud of the art uwu

simple edit of these two <3
— for fatima haley & luke
— ac citrcs
— ib starfleetbucky
— [#omgpage]

— my fave blondes <3
— for jakaylan aaron sam helen alena pip storm arooj fatima el cacey naia nahian
ib mistralous r.osify
ac sc r.osify
cc hannahsvids
oc v.oidae
— [#cassinigrprct]
i actually like this omg,, marvel pls let them be happy

— birthday collab!
check out everyone @solarizeds @mistralous @multilake @scarletxflash @dellamys @dazzlindawson @editedbymadi <33
this turned out so good i love y’all, thanks for the best birthday ever xx
cc hannahsvids
— [#omgpage]

— they love each other.
byebye this sucks

— chris evans :)
this ugly yeehaw

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