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Footprint Insole Technology  Insoles that actually work. Patented Gamechangers custom form to each foot. Nanotechnology impact protection. Buying guide at www.fpinsoles.com


Kingfoam elites are back. Like when mcribs are back, only better, but you can't eat these but these eat energy and make your feet happy. Get them at shop.fpinsoles.com and other fine retailers. @aaronjawshomoki @leonkarssen

@alexmizurov in the black and burgundy bamboo FP shirts. 100% guaranteed to be your favorite shirts. Trust us on this one. video also featuring another smooth operator who uses fp insoles @sewakroetkov . repost @emillionskateboarts 📽 @franck_keunecke

@jordanmaxham putting the kingfoam elites to good use. 📽 @eric_clavel

Big happy birthday to resident skate extraordinaire @daneburman. We're happy this didn't kill you too.

Jaws busting out of prison 💣@aaronjawshomoki 📸 @natas138

Is summer here yet?

That's a rare one 🥉 @joeybrezinski

FP insoles are not only for taking big drops but they def work for taking big drops! @daneburman

Our man, your man, @kelvinhoefler blessing it. 💪

Jaws with the fly Gucci moccs with no socks on. @aaronjawshomoki

These guys are too good. @shmattty @joeybrezinski @crupiemulticultural #crupiêwheels Japan tour.

How Gamechangers work. Heat causes the inner arch chamber to become soft and expand, allowing it to take the shape of any foot. As it cools down, it retains the new shape and becomes firm, creating a true custom orthotic which balances the joints and prevent over pronation. As your arch starts to tire out and collapse after strenuous activity or on single hard impacts, the custom arch support holds it in place and prevents over pronation which causes serious injury, joint soreness and leads to arthritis. #patented #fptechnology .

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