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I 💜 #Bridges Throwback #Prisma #Art

More photos from last months train ride. #Prisma and #InstaFilter combo fun.

I traveled more than ever before from 2015 - 2016. Next mission is to check out another continent! Perhaps 2017 will be the year. I meant to do all of this over ten years ago. I had to dedicate myself and my days to recovery and preparation first, and it was worth it. Don't let daydreams sit in possibility. Take action! No matter if it takes days, weeks, years, or a decade. To finally check those items off the bucket list makes you feel truly alive. Don't wait until you are "ready." Don't let any notions of should or shouldn't block up avenues of manifestation. Just go if you want to go, use your will to make a way.
Safe travels and blessings to all my open road amigos.
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