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Okay guys and gals, I had an idea I'd like to pitch to you all. I dont plan on getting rid of the characters i have now but I have been thinking about adding to them. My ideas are as follows
1. Adding a "pets" line, tradtional everyday pets doing tasks
2. Seasonal animals/characters? What i mean by this is like, during the fall season I would have say a fox or a turkey doing tasks, then take them down once fall ends, or even like a ghost for halloween months? For winter/christmas i could do a reindeer, penguin, or snowman. These characters would be limited to a season and once the season is over i intend to not bring them back until the next time the season rolls around.
Definitely let me know what you all think! I love to get your feedback. ❀

I'm not sure the best way to execute this so I'm just going to go for it. I'd like to first start off by saying that I'm completely and truly sorry for just disappearing out of the blue, and even sorrier for disappearing for so long. I understand that there are people that I let down, and whatever way I can make up for that, I'll do. Long story short, I struggle with depression and have my entire life. When things hit me and my life, they tend to hit me hard. Some family issues were happening about two months ago and it just hit me in ways that brang out the worst in my depression. All of my energy for a long time was spent taking care of my son, and since my college semester ended I didn't have any reason to force myself to get up and be productive. I don't personally want to get into the details of the issue as I am trying to move past it and get back to being a normal functioning human being. I have been working with my therapist to overcome it and tame the monster that is mental illness. I originally wasn't going to come back until I had new releases for you all but I'd like your guys ideas so please please please let me know what you'd like to see in the comments below. You may be wondering why I posted a dog as the picture, he is my new ESA and I'm so excited to bring him home in a few weeks. He's a Pembroke Welsh corgi so that's super exciting. I can't think of a name for him so if you have an suggestions definitely let me know! Anyways, for those that I owe stickers I'll be getting those out in the mail here soon. I know this doesn't make up for what I did but I hope that over time I can continue to show how thankful I am for you all sticking with me. I'll be having a sale with the new releases as a thank you, and it'll be a big one so keep your eyes open!

New releases are UP! I have three new kits (and mini kits) with the added double box and glitter headers, a few doodled functional and then the start of my multicolor line!
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So, here it is! Sorry it took so long, I got off of spring break this week so I was juggling school with these and new releases, but they're done for now. Definitely go follow all these girls! They're so sweet and I'm so thankful that they are willing to support my shop and help it grow. 😊 They all have special coupon codes and when I have sales they might even get better codes for you all! Thank you again to everyone who applied. ❀

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