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Fox Glacier Guiding, NZ  The West Coast's largest glacier: 12km! Experienced guides, with a family vibe. Come join us! 🔷🔹Share #foxglacierguidingnz #foxglacier

Chancellor Hut, a prefabricated hut that was constructed in 1931 and then back packed in small pieces all the way up the glacier. The design and construction materials make this one of the last surviving huts of this era, and in 1993 it was protected as a category 2 Historic Place.
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Today is Maori Language Day!
Did you know that ‘Kia Kaha’ means ‘be strong’ in the Maori Language?

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Our Fox Glacier Guiding Whanau (family) feel privileged to guide you on the pristine Ma (white) & Kikorangi (blue) of the Fox Glacier which is nestled amongst the lush Kakariki (Green) of temperate rainforest.
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Taking in "those" views down the Fox Glacier/Te Moeka o Tuawe valley and out to the Tasman Sea!
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Frequently Asked Question: What is the weather going to be like?
Fox Glacier is located in a mountainous area and therefore is subjected to great variations in its weather patterns. The temperature can vary between 0-25 degrees celsius, and the West Coast is notorious for its wild wet weather, hence its magnificent rainforests! Weather and cloud levels can change within a matter of minutes. This is why our heli hike weather decisions are not made until 10 minutes before departure time.
For further information and to check the current Fox Glacier weather forecast, please visit NZ’s official weather site: #foxglacierguidingnz #westcoastnz #glaciercountrynz #FAQ's

Rainforests and Glacier's don't go together, right? Well that's one of the things that makes our area unique in the world.
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We hope that everyone enjoyed a beautiful Daffodil Day! #daffodilday

The exhilarating sport of ice climbing, on the spectacular ice walls at approx 800 metres on Fox Glacier. Be inspired, no experience is necessary.

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Remember as you go onto the glacier, you’re on an adventure which started almost 100 years ago! #foxglacierguidingnz #windbackwednesday

Have you tasted the pure ice cold glacier water?
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Did you know that during the last ice age, The Fox Glacier/Te Moeka o Tuawe reached beyond the present coastline, and the glacier left behind many moraines during its retreat. Lake Matheson formed as a kettle lake within one of these.
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There’s always a compression arch or two to be found on most days. Do you know how they are formed?

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