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Nell  I move between digital and tangible spaces as I sculpt and print 3D jewelry/Art then explore plating & etching them in copper.

Sunrise in #Chicago <3

My friend's kitty. His name is Saturo and he is the sweeeetest little guy! I'm in love with this super friendly playful cuddle monster 😻💕 @bson504

3D printed and copper electroplated barn owl complete! Sooooo shiny ✨ the wingspan is only 2 centimeters 😱 I'm really happy with the level of detail that this owl still has after being coated a thin layer of copper, her delicate wings are so much stronger now too! #3dprinting #3dprints #copperelectroplate #elactroplating #barnowl #owl #forestanimal #spiritanimal #jewelry #etsyhandmade

You can grow crystals on more then just pipe cleaners. 😉 so of course I had to start experimenting on random objects and see what would happen hehe. #crystals #borax #boraxcrystals

Look what came in the mail!!!! 3D prints arrived and they printed perfectly! Can't wait to make molds from these and then bring them to life 🙌 they are made up of three layers, a bottom base layer, a mid layer with all the animals facial details, and a third layer with intricate designs. #otter #lynx #raven #lion #fox #3dprinting #shapeways #3dprints #zbrush #jewelry #etsy #handmade #spiritanimal

Organizing and cleaning out my closet, something tells me I need to stop buying record label shirts 😳 but they are all safe from the purge of course 💕 #bedrock #groundunder #lastnightonearth #LNOE #Suara #lostandfound

Painting a layer of conductive copper paint on this owl print. After a few coats it will be ready for its electroplating bath and then it will be covered if a real solid layer of metal. And sorry my hands look a bit dirty lol I swear thats just flecks of copper paint... oh and a tiny bear-cat hair that decide to make an appearance 😅. I'm really pleased with the level of detail that came out of this print! I used shapeways' frosted plastic extreme. Even her tiny little claws came out! #owl #barnowl #3dprints #3dprinting #nature #zbrush #shapeways #frostedextremedetail

I had these printed a few months ago but then I got busy😳 took them out today and started the copper coating process! #raccoon #wolf #owl #barnowl #3dprints #3dprinting #nature #zbrush #shapeways #frostedextremedetail

New pendent concepts in the works! The idea is to 3D print these as layers so the the dark boarded is the backplate, the white layer is next with all the black being cut out to reveal the backplate and the light grey is a third layer that sits on top. After I get the prints I'm going to use these to make molds. Can you guess what that blank circle in each of them is for? 😁

Fresh hair for a fresh start to the new year! I'm calling it my galaxy unicorn hair, and I think this is my favorite color combination yet. I mixed up all my favorite colors with the deep periwinkle on my roots and tips being a custom mix of poseidon blue, purple rain and a touch of transilvania black.💙💜💖I also used some virgin pink and just a touch of cosmic sunshine yellow for warmth. I might just have to keep this color forever 😍 #arcticfoxhaircolor

It's always summer somewhere! Happy New Year everyone!!! Heading out today to celebrate but there is a chance it may rain ☔️ so I did a quick diy gold foil umbrella so at least the space above me will be full of fluffy clouds and pretty blue sky for the new year. My little bear-cat approves 💙 #alldayidream #itsalwayssummerhere #adid #happynewyear #2017

Ombré holiday ornament cards for the relatives☃️#happyholidays #festive

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