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bent wrist crooked king  ♌️♒️♍️ all im tryna do is get my feet out from the creek♌️♒️♍️

and we’re never on time; laughing at the wrong time; laughing for a long time #fridaythe13th #adaylateburntcake

i saw this cup on the bus one day; imagined kicking it over. the next day, same bus, i see the same ass cup in the same ass place. i never want to be #forgotten like this cup. it’s ok lil homie i relate

a slice of work humor #teaslinger #servicejob #humansarefunny honestly this probably isn’t really even that funny

a day late with a burnt cake but i am a #trans person. i am a #mentallyill person. i am a foolish person and i am an intuitive person. i am a lover and i am full of fear. i am honest and yeah i do lie too. mostly though i am just a fucking person. more or less. if you stab me in the right place i will die just like pretty much everyone else. and i want to be seen. just like everyone else. so look at me. #tdov #transperson #respecttranspeople #loveeveryone #lovealways #blacktranslivesmatter #protecttranswomenofcolor #protecttranslives i hâte a lot of things but i love Love

these clouds make me feel flighty // feeling like i might be lifted // just slightly // from right where i stand // if the wind blows // if you hold my hand // might just let it take me // see where i might go // to be taken to the sea // it might be enough // taken to you // that’s what i dream of #fieldintheclouds #thatanimeshit

self sabotage is called self sabotage for a reason. i’m that reason and i only just now truly realized that.

he just told a bad joke #anewbukazi #divinewind #mybigboy

remember when we snuck out; bought a bottle drove around; found some place to fly away; dreamt about it #criedaboutit #laughedaboutit

i wanna go drivin with you // down into the deep blue sea // i wanna go drivin next to you // that’s where i wanna be

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