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bent wrist crooked king  i’m doing my best to know what my best is

learning how to exist differently than i knew—to learn less what if more how to—something like what if one day i won’t carry so much weight—one day soon i might find out how to put it down—so i might be able straighten my back before it breaks—i want feather fingers so that the flow might take me away #justgowithit

a very good day to say hello to a mountain ⛰

here we are #myhooman

he left his body. also realize i’m shamelessly endorsing @senchateabar #4days23hours53minutes

stress ball. i accept the stress ball. i acknowledge and accept the anxiety of a good thing. new thing. challenging thing. fulfilling thing. experience is something you cannot substitute and i feel i haven’t experienced enough things in the 23 years i’ve now been alive to call it good if i died tomorrow. there’s so much to learn and i want to know everything. #thatsmyhome #itmoves

very soon everything will be different and i’m trying to read my own thoughts but they’re going far to fast for me to catch all of them. #6days

13 days until i’m outta here and i can almost conceptualise what this means #gettingthere #itwillallworkout

i am now 23 years old. plus one day because ain’t it always burnt a day late anyway? despite my popular belief, i’ve got a lot to hang onto. after years of walking through a ghost town constantly window shopping, i can finally see the place i’ve been looking for. it took detours, construction, one ways, and hours of traffic, but i can finally see my exit. happy birthday to me, extended appreciation for those i surround myself with. thank you, 23 seems like an ok number #evenifnoonelikesme #23

my sun my moon you’re my evergreen you mean the world to me #01061027

i’m in a trunk and this guy met a very sad end in the middle of his sad trash city

definitely reminds me of musclebob buffpants #anchorarms i got damn lové carson hes so HOD DAMN MEATY

do you ever look at your hand and just see a fucking river monster ?

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