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FOX AND PLUM • creative hub •  KATEY. Mum to Inky-Lou Plum, Fable-Bea Fox, Stanley (grey, 3 legged cat). Converting an old funeral home into a super fun creative hub!

No work for me means back having @escapecoffee dates with my mini Frida Kahlo

Fable got gifted a new bed yesterday, it's kinda my worse nightmare and adds to our chaotic house but she is stoked! She still only sleeps with me every night so I am not sure why we are bothering!

And LOOK AT THIS ONE😍 it's going to be my new cotton reel display! Watch out plaster, you are about to get the shit drilled out of you🤣 I better not stuff it up or @superiorwallsandceilings you will have to fix it for me!

I couldn't help myself and went and got more😍 thanks @superiorwallsandceilings you guys are superstars but your not helping my 'hoarding/lack of storage space' issues 😂

And this is what happens to your face if you pick your nose too much! Her reply was 'I don't pick my nose that much!' I am doing a good job of terrifying them!

I told Inky that if she keeps eating her fingernails her hands will look like this! 😂

Look at what arrived in the mail today!!! I am going to run a 'medical collage workshop!'😍💉🔪⚰️

Tonight, for the first time in weeks I actually cooked dinner!!

I just got given two huge bags of vintage fabric and fur collars!!! Thank you so so so much @ladydivergent 😍😍

Does anyone have any grand/exciting/cool ways of storing cottons so they are not a bloody jumbled mess like this?

I have probably bored you all to death by now with stupid renovation photos but look SKIRTING BOARDS😍

Look at these stunning plaster goodies I got from @superiorwallsandceilings this morning! They are heading to the studio if I can convince earl to put them up on the freshly painting ceiling!!! @superiorwallsandceilings are having a big clean out this week if you want more (they were half price!!)

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