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Sometimes everything feels right and okay and good. Then a new day happens and things are just hard. Today was a hard today. Nothing really especially caused it but I woke up grumpy and let my temper get the best of me all day. I wasn't a good mom, or a good spouse. But I know tomorrow is a fresh start for me to do better. Life is so damn hard, guys. I struggle with being anxious about everything all the time. I don't relate to saying "I have anxiety" because it doesn't feel that all consuming and I don't need medication for it. It's just part of me. I keep it under control 80% of the time, but the other 20% is when my stress levels hit 11/10. I don't even know where I'm going with this post, but I needed to have a brain dump I guess. I'm like moderately anxious about specific things. Those things kicked my butt today. So I'm just going to edit videos and carry on. Tomorrow will be different. I was going to post this to let you know I'm working on an online art journal class that's coming out soon, but instead you get tired Torrie rambling 🤷

In progress. Jammed last night to the new singles from @twentyonepilots (because I'm obsessed) and worked in multiple journals. I know some people listen to podcasts or audiobooks or Netflix when they create, but I 100% of the time listen to music. It's a must have for my creativity. How about you? What do you listen to when you create? Share your fave bands/podcasts!

I'm back to art journaling more regularly. It's hard to find time lately with all the fun summer stuff, work projects and wanting to have quality time with my guy. I often get praised for hustling and being able to do so much with my kids. I'm not trying to toot my own horn here because I seem like I do a lot, but guys, I'm also basically running on fumes and dreams and coffee most days. I'm thankful I have a super supportive partner in @jimmyoftheg and he is constantly picking up whatever I'm missing/forgetting/ignoring. And every day is a new battle of trying to find the balance between having fun with my kids, pursuing a career that gives me genuine fulfillment, make time to connect with my husband, and then all the rest of life in between. It's not glamorous. I don't have paid childcare, so I'm working weird hours around my family. I guess all that is to say that as a woman, I'm doing my best to "have it all", and while some days I feel like I do, there are many when I feel as though I'm falling short somewhere. My house is typically messy, I don't spend time working out or caring about my appearance, and there are days where I'm short with my kids and let electronics babysit them while I work. I guess all that to say, that if I looks like I have it all together with a smile on, just remember that I'm not sharing all the ugly stuff. Like yelling at my husband because I'm stressed out, or missing out on family time to meet a deadline. It's not all sunshine & smiles, but this life I have is amazing. And I'm so incredibly thankful for it. 💜

I decided to attempt joining in @freya.fennec's sketching challenge. I'm starting late, and probably won't do all the prompts (#commitmentissues) but I'm going to do as many as I can! Made this spread this afternoon in about 15 min while I was sweating my face off. It's a hot week and there's no A/C in our rental. Trying to power through it with art and lots of fans! 😂

Guys, I'm making art at a vicious rate and I'm loving it. It had been nearly 3 weeks since I made anything and now all the ideas are flowing. This circle journal of mine has been neglected for over a year. Need to change that! Working in a circle doesn't feel any different than a rectangle or square but I love the finished results.

Hi, it's been forever since I've posted. Because we are basically gypsies now, always moving around! We're at a place now for the next month and then on to a new house.
BUT, before our house became a water park I re-painted my fave metal patio furniture. I have the whole process up on my blog & I'd love for you to check it out! I used all paints from @decoart , and these chairs turned out SUPER cute! I'm here for the folk art flower border 😍😍

Need this little reminder lately. With not having been in our own beds for a week now (between camping and the house situation) and we won't be back for at least a couple more weeks, my sleep has been so all over the place. I also found myself at the grocery store just wandering in a daze. Gotta wake myself up & get to work! (also, has anyone had kitchen cabinets professionally painted? Or refaced? Share with me. No DIY paint jobs because we won't be going that route. We are too picky ha.)

Okay guys, there's two things I have to share. 1) I finally tried out paint pouring & it was soooo fun! I see why everyone is doing it now! I used the new Pouring Medium from @decoart and their Pouring Top Coat and these mini canvases came out so good. You can find the project on the blog!

And 2) I may be MIA on here for a while because my DAMN HOUSE FLOODED. If you didn't see my IG stories, then here's the skinny: we went camping for 4 days and came home to our entire main floor covered in water with a hose from the back of the toilet literally spraying water everywhere. Cue us cursing in horror and then discovering that the water damage is so bad that our entire basement is drenched. The ceiling is falling in, the paint is bubbling off the walls. What is life. So long story short: we are living somewhere else right now. I brought some art stuff, but it's a total nightmare right now. People have already demolished our entire basement and will be coming back Monday to finish ripping apart the main floor. So if I'm absent here, ya know why!! Please send wine. Or money for wine. Or just send me happy mail. Anything to make me forget this chaos!!

Don't be a pill. Take your pills. 💊

Hi hi hi! I thought it would be fun to do a #fridayintroductions on here since it's been a minute. And I'm also currently driving to go camping with my family, so I got a few minutes!

I'm Torrie, the person behind Fox + Hazel. I'm a self-made artist, blogger and also happen to have three kids ages 5 and under with my awesome husband. Things are busy. I love making loud art that combines chaos and color! If you're following me, I'm assuming it's for my art. Which I'm so grateful that you like my nonsense enough to keep liking it.

Here are some fun facts about me: my name is NOT short for Victoria (I get asked that a lot), I got married at 19 and I love root beer. My first real paying job was scooping ice cream, my last job before kids was as a therapy aide to children and I hope I never have another boss again. I started Fox + Hazel as a print shop, but now it's grown beyond that in more ways I could imagine. I really hate birds, spiders, cleaning my house and people who walk slow in front of other people. I believe everyone is creative and has a desire to be creative, you just need to find your thing. You don't have to wish to be creative, you ARE.
Share with me what your #1 absolute pet peeves are!! I love knowing this kind of stuff 😂😂

I made some fun envelope art. Do you like to send letters? I should send more - it's always so exciting to find something in your mailbox other than bills and junk mail 😂 this envelope is my last project as part of the design team for @robenmarie and I loved it! You can find the video process on my blog as well as links to all the other talented ladies! 😍😚

How about a #throwbackthursday to this @moleskine cahier I made for @laurenlikesblog 😍😍😍 it was so awesome to finally meetup in person last summer! I'm heading to Portland this fall to meet some more artist friends and I can't wait. I love making art and making it with other wicked awesome women!! 💜💜💜

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