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This page is a fun collage between @stencilgirl_products and @lindysgang where I used Magicals in a fun new way. I have a process video the blog where you can check it all out. And there's also a chance to win some goodies from both awesome brands 😍

Did you guys know that I was a teacher in last year's edition of 21 secrets? It was such a cool experience. This is one of the pages from my envelope journal in my class, Dear Me. It's been almost a year and I'm still obsessed 😍

For all the watercolor lovers out there, this one's for you! I've got the full tutorial how to make this sweet as sugar Mother's Day card over on the blog. It's super easy, fun and gets you brownie points in Mom's books! 😉 you could also make it a birthday card, bridal shower card, or a just because card! The possibilities are endless. 🙃 link is in profile!

I was gifted a sketchbook to submit to @thesketchbookproject this year for my birthday. I'm trying to finish it up so I can submit it in time! Forever behind on long term projects like this!! But I'm excited to have a sketchbook in the Brooklyn Art Library and hopefully have people look at it! 😊😅

Guys, my man is home tonight and I am so freaking happy. Every time he travels for work all I can think of is all the amazing badass single moms, military moms, and just those who's spouses travel for long periods - who do this EVERY DAY. You women are heroes. Truly. I bow down. Parenting is tough with two people as it is that I just cannot imagine how much strength and patience doing it alone all the time would take. Gah. Really, single parents are amazing. This art journal spread is completely unrelated to that thought, but I just wanted to get that off my chest. 😘 My 5 year old also helped me out with this spread, with those fun shaped "hearts" - can you spot them?!

An unfinished art journal spread. The figure on the right was made by my 5 1/2 year old, Liberty, and I asked her if I could put it in my art journal. She was so proud that I wanted it in there. The older my kids get the more I love having them involved in my art. That probably wouldn't be true if my work was more technical. However their imaginative drawings and scribbles just fit so perfectly and I'm in love with it 😍

First, thanks to everyone for the overwhelming words of support & encouragment on yesterday's post! You guys really are the best 😘 I'm on day 8 of my solo parenting run, and it freaking snowed today. What is my life. Spring is never coming. While my hubs is in Mexico in hot weather. Over it. I guess the upside to the weather still sucking is more excuses to art journal. Here's the first page for my altered book jounrl as part #getmessyartjournal's season of PLAY. I haven't done an altered book journal in a couple years (how has it been that long?) and I'm enjoying the change from my handmade journals.

I've been working on this tiny art journal since I hit 7k followers. I plan on giving it away when I hit another number (8500? 9000?) because I'm so thankful for all the people here who like my art. As someone who makes visual "frivolous" product with my hands, it is validating to hear that my work is well-received, enjoyed and encourages others. Many people in my own life don't "get" art and its importance in our world, and it is easy to feel like people view my work as unimportant or not productive. So even though social media isn't the end all be all for validating my work, it does show me that there are people who get what I do. And that means a lot to me. So thanks for following me, looking at my art and supporting me as an artist. I know that my value as an artist important, because how ugly would this world be without people making weird stuff? Pretty damn ugly. I like knowing my work is making our world more beautiful to look at.

I'm almost ready to photograph March's journal for #atinyseries but MAN this one is so unfocused. It didn't have a theme and it feels so scattered. Which isn't too surprising since March was kind of crazy! Oof. I've started April's tiny art journal, hopefully with more direction this time.

I'm still here, swear it. I finished up my little journal for the @getmessyartjournal season of Kindness! This little 10 page journal was perfect for me. I was able to complete it easily & not get too far behind in the prompts. Now onto the season of play!


As promised, here is the giveaway prize for all the people who completed 30 days of #foxandhazelwatercolour !! What does the winter get?
- 8.5x11 lined notebook
- 7x10 field watercolor sketchbook
- 1 set of @primamarketinginc Watercolour Confections Classic Palette
- 1 set of Kassa waterbrush pens
- fun extra goodies by me 😉

Here's how to enter:

1. Must have completed all 30 days of prompts. These can be individual or combined - you just have to have them all done!

2. Posted all of your completed works on your IG or in Stories (for the next 24h) so I can see your work.

3. Profile must be PUBLIC so I can see your stuff!

4. Comment on this post letting me know you did all 30 days, and what your favourite prompt was.

I'll be checking each person who's entered to see your completed work and then entering you into the draw for the prize!
If you have any questions, please ask! This contest is open worldwide and in no way associated with Instagram 😏 it closes tomorrow at 10:00 MST and winner will be announced around then! GOOD LUCK!!

Hi guys. So sorry for the radio silence this past week - life has just been super busy. I took some much needed time to spend with my husband and just turn off social media as best I could. I'm feeling more balanced, and ready to rock these last few days of #foxandwatercolour ! I've been keeping up with the painting, just not sharing. I'll be sharing a post of my work at the end of the month for those interested 😊

This is also a reminder that everyone who completes all 30 prompted by April 3 (Easter and all) will be entered to win an awesome prize! See my stories to see what you gotta do to enter and what the goodies are. 💜

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