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Lauren Pizzino  I love pretty/old/vintage things. I love my cats and dog. I love my husband. I love making arts/baking sweets/hosting tea parties.

Spent 6 hours in the canoe yesterday with the menfolk and #FinnstagramPizzino and everything was so beautiful. The wind slowed us down significantly, but it was so nice to not be in a hurry, to just be able to enjoy seeing things, and enjoy each other's company.

#SukiEnnui was watching with sad eyes as we prepped for an afternoon canoe ride. Too bad she hates adventure.

One of my favorite Thursday chores is re-making the mini bouquets that live around the house.

Suki's really been loving our bed lately. We got a higher frame and a box spring and now she can see out the windows while she lounges. #SukiEnnui

Mary's Peak was so lovely over the weekend, and I left feeling pretty strongly about a new summer goal: I want to have a teatime picnic in nature. Like, with a stove and kettle and cups, not a pre-filled hydroflask. Anxiety has been a companion of mine for so long that I almost don't even notice it, until I have a wish that seems impossible, like going out for coffee by myself, or running an impromptu errand after work, or driving literally anywhere outside of town (like, into the woods for tea). I know that the only way to incorporate spontaneity into my life is to just get up and DO IT but oh my goodness it's so scary.


Afternoon porch activities.

Hung out at the top of Mary's Peak this morning after camping, and saw a bunch of tiger lilies and butterflies. Even though my body can't tell exercise from a panic attack, I think I enjoyed myself.

Morning light is the best metaphor I have for the gratitude I feel toward plant medicines. I prepared some tea from a mini bundle of lemon balm the other day, that I had hung up to dry several weeks ago, and it was the kindest, gentlest, most restorative and clarifying thing I could have done for my heart in that moment, and I just want everyone to know what that particular kind of magic feels like, you know?

I made the scones extra-mini this time. ๐Ÿ˜

Shout out to the MVP of today's tea party: this silver tray, for helping 2 mason jars and a pile of cotton napkins level up in the 'fancy' department. #mediumfancy

Lobster, grapefruit, and avocado salad with citrus dressing (recipe by @chefjenncooks Thank you!). We used the tail and claw meat for this, and I've got stock simmering from the shell/head/etc.

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