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Lauren Pizzino  I love pretty/old/vintage things. I love my cats and dog. I love my husband. I love making arts/baking sweets/hosting tea parties.

Suki is an indoor cat, except for special occasions like today, when the blossoms start falling. #SukiEnnui

Tea parties feel like my dream world and the actual world exist in the same space for a few hours. I wish real life were always as magical as yesterday afternoon was.

#tbt Stumbled across this picture of #SukiEnnui from 8 years ago. 😍😭

One of my (current) favorite trees in my neighborhood. It was a skeleton all through the long, wet winter, and suddenly it started sprouting leaves and it looks so pleased with itself!

Havok had to check out the new mirror before it went up. Suki didn't care. #havokhoneybadger #sukiennui

Harold: I love you. I love you!

Maude: Oh, Harold... that's wonderful! Go and love some more.

One of my favorite things, visually/texturally speaking, is the juxtaposition of trees or vines against bricks. I got to see a fair amount of that over my weekend, as Seattle has a good deal of green, for a city. This building kept grabbing my attention, from whichever angle I walked by it- it's an old firehouse that's been converted into a handful of apartments, and the courtyard was surrounded by rhododendrons that are about to explode.

Springtime means hodgepodge arrangements of yard flowers and Trader Joe's bouquets.

This guy gave up before we even got to the corner yesterday on our neighborhood walk. When he gets tired he usually does a little baby cry, and I call his name, and he'll run back over to us, but not this time. Instead, he found a cozy nook and made himself comfortable. #havokhoneybadger

Also, I don't know whose house this is, but he always leaves my side to creep real close to their porch. I wonder if they feed him or something?

Magical tulips.

Spent my first waking moments today writing thank-you notes to friends, which always makes my heart happy. I need to get away more, because I start to see things for how beautiful they truly are.

The thing that charmed me most about Victoria when I was a kid were the lampposts, which were light blue back then, with flower baskets hanging from them. Now they're black, which reminds me of the wardrobe entrance to Narnia, so I'm okay with it.

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