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Steak frites from @thebeefsteaks guest-spotting at @boroughmarket. Drenched in the loveliest béarnaise, on top of triple-cooked Maris Pipers. So so so good.
They're only at Borough til Oct 6. Or at least that's what they think - I'm currently stockpiling industrial quantities of chains to lock myself to the stall until they agree to stay there forever.
Who's with me? ⛓️🥩⛓️🥩⛓️

New & old @canardlondon. I'll forever be a fan of their poutine - they put the 'crack' into their duck crackling and you'll find me sniffing out the last little shards desperate for one last hit. On point as always 🧀🍟
Then there's their hot dog choucroute 🌭 which was new on me. Felt this was on the menu as a people-pleaser perhaps but the Canard boys know their flavours so this was still properly tasty.
Cheers for feeding @runnerbeanjean and me. We'll be back for our next hit soon 🦆💉💊
#invite #canardlondon #poutine

This @sweettoothfactoryuk peanut cookie is the best cookie I've ever had. In fact I might widen that out to 'best biscuit' I've ever had🏆🍪🥜.
(I think cookies come under the biscuit umbrella?)
Great texture, really delightfully peanutty. I bought two from @scfoodmarket & had the first that day, slightly tipsy, and the 2nd one the next day. The fact these taste better sober tells you everything.
Thanks @katymarketfresh for suggesting I buy Kate a treat on my way home. Otherwise I would've never stumbled across these 🤩

Beside myself that @thebeefsteaks are serving up their meat at @boroughmarket.
Got down there as soon as I could to try their 🥩 sarnie: hanger steak cooked over 🔥on their @biggreenegguk & served on a Viennese🥖 with horseradish cream (or whatever sauce you fancy), red onion jam & watercress 🌱.
Bloody lovely. The meat is gorgeous, the roll is all toasty & lovely and thanks to the team for being really lovely even though they were heaving.
Eating with the food partner-in-crime @runnerbeanjean 🥩❤️🔥

Pizza @pickywops for lunch today 🍕🌱🍕🌱🍕
Some vegan food makes me certain I'd never be able to ditch meat & animal products but these two pizzas made me honestly believe it'd be possible if all vegan food was this good.
The Protein Punch with 'modern mozzarella' (coconut), seitan doner & pesto was an absolute triumph of tastes. That pesto was probably the best I've ever had and really hard to believe it's not come within a sniff of parmesan.
And the other, Vegan Victory, was a simple celebration of vegetables brought together with more of that coconut 'mozz' and just really really tasty.
Loved these pizzas, loved Cristiano & Miguel's passion & standards. Walked in not liking the name but left being not that bothered.
These pizzas are a bit pricier than your standard Franco Manca et al but if you taste them you'll know where that money goes. F******* lovely boys ❤️🍕❤️🍕❤️🍕
Lovely lunching with you today @runnerbeanjean 🍻
#invite #peckham #pizza

Just thinking back to lunch @themontpelier and how everything head chef @jchapsk cooked was absolutely perfect including this bavette 🥩
Such a brilliant meal. Hope loads of you have gone to support such a brilliant local spot
(That's quite south east London-centric of me but then SE London *is* the centre of the universe so....🤷🏽‍♀️)

I love @afoodfestival so so much. My 3rd visit and it just gets better. There's always such a lovely buzz in the air.
Had some great food, chatted to gorgeous passionate producers, drank loads of lovely cider and danced to live music in the streets. Had some mediocre food too (we reckon it's because when it's at peak busy-ness the quality slips to cope with demand). But all in all this remains one of my annual highlights.
Great to hang out with @ktrant23, G, K & @zoeadjonyoh and to see @_twohungrymen.
Thanks to @carolinepeel for being an absolute badass too - great to see you ❤️

Jamón & leek croquetas made with my @lidluk Monsieur Cuisine. Incredible.
I can't stress how easy this was. Bechamel's always scares me as it can be tricky but this was so easy in the Monsieur Cuisine.
It chopped & sautéed the leeks, then weighed and cooked off the flour and butter for the base before mixing with the milk at 100°C until it was the perfect consistency - while I hung out the washing.
Then I just had to roll it into balls, breadcrumb & fry. Imagine cooking these for guests? They'd love it.
The Monsieur Cuisine goes on sale TODAY and you have to register online to order before collecting it at your local store. Go to my Stories & click on the link.
#ad #MonsieurCuisine #LidlUK

Good morning from Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Still thinking of @studmuffinfood back in SE London though. This is their brisket muffin burger. Smoked onion, truffle sauce, Monterey Jack cheese and slaw. Leiths-trained James & Matt are serious about their food. They make all their sauces and everything in-house and are proper perfectionists. It shows. Their food is amazing.
Check them out tomorrow @kerbxpeckham. Such an ace new neighborhood market.

Had lunch @elpiratamayfair yesterday and felt like it was some secret that had been kept from me. Wednesday lunchtime and it was buzzing inside, even gone 3pm, and it's because the food is amazing.
Boquerones, jamón ibérico de Bellota, pan con tomate, croquetas de jamón ibérico, padron, huevos rotos. Amontillado out of shot. Stunning.
This was an #invite but I'm already thinking who I can take for a follow-up. Great, great little spot ❤️

What's better than a bacon sandwich? One made using your own bread 🍞🥓🍞🥓
This bread was made using @lidluk's Monsieur Cuisine.
It's 10 machines in one and comes with its own cookbook. It does all the weighing & kneading for you, and activates the yeast perfectly so all I have to do is prove it in a tin for an hour and then put it in the oven. The best bread I've ever made and the easiest. So so good.
The Monsieur Cuisine goes on sale on Friday at £229. You have to register online before collecting in store. Go to my Stories for the link (it'll be saved to my Highlights too). I can't recommend this machine enough. Absolute game-changer.
#ad #MonsieurCuisine #LidlUK

@ayresbakery's new strawberry cheesecake doughnut. Amazing 🍓🧀🍰🍩
@runnerbeanjean heeded Ayres' warning about only having limited numbers (they're still in the developmental stage) and so picked these up early doors. Because that's what ADAS* members do. Want to join? What lengths are you prepared to go to?
*Ayres Doughnut Appreciation Society

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