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Yousef Erakat ™  I run a NEW YouTube Channel called TheKatsFamily! 👇🏽Click Here👇🏽


BIG shoutout to all of y’all already rockin the new Dollar and a Dream Merch! Get yours now at TheKatsFamily.com 🔥

these women are tooo gorgeous to need a filter. 😍

i somehow ruined the picture but i love this girl man. it’s always a pleasure and a good time running into lele. 😜

in 2011 when i used to do my Middle Eastern Skits, i was referred to as “The Middle Eastern Tyler Perry” in an interview. 6 years later and now i’m standing beside him debuting our second movie together in Theaters October 20th. life is a trip. your thoughts become your reality so be aware of which ones you choose to believe. 💪🏽

At the premiere for Tyler Perry’s Boo 2 in Theaters October 20th with my lovely date and a Dollar in my Pocket. (zoom into my shirt) 🐶

since day 1 my slogan has always been “I GOT A DOLLAR IN MY POCKET PLUS A DREAM.” well now, it’s a reality. my dog Dollar will forever be in my pocket. merch on sale now. link in bio. 🐶

who wore it best? i call this outfit, “damn. these guys actually TRIED and thought they were killin it.” 😂 .. TAG a friend you would match with.

nothing like coming home to my Queen. 👑

LEGEND ALERT! TSA was tryna catch me riding dirty. 🤦🏽‍♂️

i spent last night playing FIFA against subscribers LIVE. this was the hardest i have laughed in months. you know the laughs you can’t stop? this dude cracked me up! he was doggin me so he straight up violated my life with his goalie. my FIFA fans are gonna understand. TAG a friend you play FIFA with. 😂😂😂

one little joke turned into a lecture about my WHOLE life and why i need to get married. my mom is no longer speaking to me because of this. 😂💀 TAG a friend who can relate!

These pics in order are: one of my first days with dollar. one of my best days with dollar. and my last day with dollar. today is dollars birthday. this will be one of my last posts of him to finally sending him off. if he was alive i would have gave him a giant doggy cup cake today, but now i’ll eat it in his honor instead haha. i’m ready to rescue another yorkie puppy..but my mom isn’t ready yet to have another dog in the house. in due time, Dream will be added to the family. ❤️🐶

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