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Yousef Erakat ™  welcome to the ERA of the KATS. 😜❤️🙈... snapchat: TheKatsFamily

Two days ago my puppy Dollar passed away peacefully and happily in my arms. He went while smiling with his eyes wide open staring at me. He fought until his last breath but knew it was his time to go to heaven. The night before I whispered in his ear while we were lying down and I told him it's ok if he needs to go, muffin and I will be here to protect and love each other. Dollar served his purpose. He stayed with my during my darkest times. Celebrated my best of times. And then led me back to New Jersey to be with my family before saying goodbye. Dollar was my guardian angel who I truly didn't deserve. I want to thank everyone who ever got to spend time with him and make his time here an amazing experience. I also want to thank everyone who ever prayed for him and gave him love and support. He loved and cherished you all. I'll forever miss you my baby. And you will forever be the dollar to my dream. Love, Dad ❤️🐶.. Dollars Tribute Video is now in my Bio. If you'd like to pay respects and show love, thank you.

Please no matter what you believe in, pray for a harmless and peaceful passing of my best friend today. ❤️

And since we all came from a woman. Got our name from a woman and our game from a woman. I wonder why we take from our women. Why we rape our women, do we hate our women? I think it's time to kill for our women. Time to heal our women, be real to our women... Happy Anniversary to my mom and dad. ❤️

fun fact. i've never even been in a relationship longer than a year. yet, today is my parents 42 year wedding anniversary. they bicker, they fight, they joke around, they support each other and most importantly they never leave each other's side. hopefully one day we all get to experience a love like theirs. ❤️😊

my baby is coming home with me. it's like he knew our new family channel launches tomorrow and it wouldn't be complete without him. thank you all so much for your prayers and positivity. it's going to be a lot of work to keep his condition stable but i'd do whatever it takes to save his life like he saved mine. ❤️🐶

just paid a visit to this cutie at the hospital. he was trying to bite the catheter off of his leg so he can come home with me. i told him i'll be back to get him very very soon. thank you all for your positive vibes and prayers. his kidneys are failing and unfortunately nothing can be done to restore them BUT his levels are going down. meaning we can get him to a point where we can stabilize his condition and allow him to live with his condition. it's just going to require a lot of effort and love. when he comes home i'll be taking him to the vet EVERY morning to have water injected under his skin to keep him hydrated. he will also have to be put on a new diet for kidney treatment and be on a ton of medication. with love and support i know he can get back to feeling better. my main concern right now is his weight. his spine is showing and his stomach is smaller than ever. but he got this. he's a fighter. the dollar to my dream. ❤️🐶

The emergency vet called and told me my yorkie dollar has kidney failure and brought up euthanization and said I have to start thinking of putting him down or else he'd have to be put through dialysis which isn't fair for him. He's 2 pounds and still a baby. I said what if I aggressively nurse him at home, she said that will be unfair for him and he'll live horribly and eventually suffer a bad death. I feel like I'm in a nightmare I'm going to wake up from. Dollar is my first ever dog, my best friend, my baby, the love of my life. He saved my life. Have any of you had false claims of your dog having kidney failure? Have any of you beat this situation? Please let me know and send prayers for my little guy. I'm not letting him go. ❤️

after a month of being in and out of the hospital, my pup dollar still isn't better. as you can see by his stomach, he's continuously losing weight and is having trouble holding down any food. he is down to 2 pounds and now needs to be hospitalized again for more extensive tests and to help get him hydrated and to put on some weight. it's hard enough as is for him to be down everyday, but having to leave him at the hospital again for another 3 days for testing sucks. i'm so mad at myself for leaving him for 30 days for Project Butterfly. i really thought he would be fine alone because he always was while i was on tour. any positive thoughts and wishes for little man will mean the world. thank you. ❤️🐶

Yesterday I announced my new family channel. I would have been grateful no matter the amount of subscribers we earned. In 1 day we have over 230,000 new KAT family members! I can't thank you enough for giving me the opportunity to support my family like this! For years you all have been urging me to leave LA and live with my family and thanks to your encouragement I did it! I'm so excited to start this new channel and promise to grind my HARDEST. All my ups and downs and successes and failures led to this moment and this channel. WELCOME TO THE KAT FAMILY! 🐯 .. tag a friend and tell them to subscribe! link in bio!

my happy place. ☺️❤️

looking back at today i realized i was being mean to my mom for no reason. i was easily agitated and frustrated and would take it out on her when all she was doing was try to help. i texted her to see if she was up because i wanted to text her an apology and she replied right away and then on her own asked if i wanted her to come down. i ended up getting to apologize in person.. this showed me what real "love" is. what a mother does for her children could never be compared. mothers forgive so easily no matter how mad we make them. they show kindness, acceptance, respect. so why is it so easy for us to show them the opposite? to any mother or future mother who may be reading this; we truly don't deserve you or to even walk the ground you step on. much appreciated. ❤️

food for thought for today. TAG someone you love. ❤️

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