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Jessica Watson  Homeschooling mom juggling coffee and sanity, expert at dropping them both. Mom to the little man behind #Parkerpretends.

Although it's not the best shot this is my favorite photo from last night. Our theater awards the Gypsy Robe to the cast member who always arrives at the theater with a smile and is kind and supportive of others. I laugh-cried as they awarded it to Parker and then choked up all over again when I saw his sister watching him with nothing but genuine happiness and pride.

"We can still meet you at the park but Parker used a permanent marker to turn himself into a tiger and draw a line on the wall from the bathroom to the kitchen so we'll be a little late." #tbt

Has no interest in following hand motions for "come" or "stay." Will follow centimeter of finger movement for possibility of people food.

When you're almost done costuming a show and your kid starts one-upping all the work you've done with his own versions of the costumes. #parkerpretends

LEGOLand with Papa

They learned how to use light sabers like the pros. I learned why the instructor said not to pair siblings as partners. #somucharguing

When your kid checks your Instagram feed and wants to know where that basketball picture is. #oops

He saw 30 seconds of a James and the Giant Peach rehearsal and came home to find the play on YouTube, make a costume and ask for the book. I'm not familiar with the production but he said the chairs are part of the set so I had to include them in the shot. Not sure this is the pose I was supposed to get but I love catching him act like the goofball he is. #parkerpretends

Someone commented on my last #parkerpretends post that they'd love to see video and it was perfect timing because tonight he was Lord Farquad in our theater's variety show. So proud of him for giving it everything he's got.

There's no felt scraps and paper to pick up tonight because he's too sick to make costumes so of course I'm looking through old ones. I loved my little Scarecrow and Tin Man. #parkerpretends #tbt

The #greatkindnesschallenge is happening in schools this week. Since we homeschool we're trying it at home. I've definitely seen a difference in my kids, our house is just happier which is so needed right now. We made a chart and they can give each other points when they catch them being kind. All good except for the arguments over who held the door first and why someone was nicer to one sibling than the other. #babysteps

Theater friend over today and they sang their hearts out for hours and hours and it was just what I needed. #parkerpretends #shrek