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Jessica Watson  Homeschooling mom juggling coffee and sanity, expert at dropping both. Mom to the little man behind #Parkerpretends.

I could watch them do #Newsies 24/7 #parkerpretends

They're doing Newsies which is super cute but also shows why he doesn't always include his little brother in the show. (Swipe left) #parkerpretends

The Grinch and his dog Max and the little old dog that narrates the musical because we can't leave an animal out. #parkerpretends

Another show in the books but the songs will be playing in my head for weeks to come. Or at least until the next audition.

For a few minutes I thought we were too young for the Hamilton craze and then... #parkerpretends

Happy place

After many requests we started a #parkerpretends Facebook page and tend to post more there than here so now you can find his creations at
Thanks for the support everyone!

When your grandpa strikes gold (literally) at a garage sale and you can now be a walking disco ball.

On our way to lunch at the American Girl Store we stopped for a picture. I was trying to shake off the bittersweet feeling of only being able to take one of my girls to such a girly place.
We took a ton of photos here but only the one with McKenna and I had a very clear rainbow. Hadley's been sending us rainbows when we need them most for nine years now.

Getting ready for the big weekend #parkerpretends

She won't always go to the park if she's going to be the only girl but when she does she hangs out at the top 💪🏻👱🏻‍♀️.

Every kid that comes to our house is one more to costume... #parkerpretends

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