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Jessica Watson  Homeschooling mom juggling coffee and sanity, expert at dropping them both. Mom to the little man behind #Parkerpretends.

So glad these two are adventurous eaters. They sat at my cousin's sushi bar, learned about what everything was and still tried it all. My boys stayed home and ate peanut butter sandwiches, no crust.

Spending the morning making Christmas Trees rise. #parkerpretends #nutcracker

There was once a prince with tiny legs who climbed up Rapunzel's hair while she was dressed like Cinderella, or something like that. #parkerpretends

Who can take a bath, use half a bottle of bubbles and still have chocolate on his face? 🙋🏼‍♂️

He changed 3,000 times before Disney Day at class and ultimately decided to be his little brother's shadow at the last second. Sawyer took full advantage of Parker having to follow his moves. This is the only photo that was Instagram-able. #parkerpretends

They were asked to be book characters at an event to promote literacy and the costumes did not disappoint. I think McKenna would have been more than happy to wear that blonde wig home.

Happy St. Patrick's Day from my little leprechaun!

Those little faces... at least they still like us almost this much. Counting the years of this we have left. #tbt

At least 50% of my day is spent in the audience

We saw James and the Giant Peach Friday so he's recreating all the bugs. He started with his grandma's scarf turned Earthworm. #parkerpretends

That one day I realized my #Bachelor obsession hadn't gone unnoticed. #fbf

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