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Amanda Fournier  Follower of Jesus. Crossfit mama. CF-L2. Modified keto eating. DR and pelvic floor rehabbing.

I love seeing my boy learn new things. It’s hard to not jump in and give lots of corrections. A lot of technique works itself out as they practice and watch. I’m just glad he’s picking up the rope because of his own desire and it’s my job to praise his effort. It’s the most special feeling seeing his face light up when he got “two jumps in a row”... don’t I remember that excitement myself?! If you have a kid who isn’t drawn to physical activity, like I do, just keep it all accessible where they can pick it up when the desire strikes.
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My six year old is yelling “Go Africa!”... first of all, we live in America son and second, that’s not exactly how this works. 🤦🏼‍♀️ Let the weekend of brainwashing begin!! #crossfitgames2018 #crossfitmom

Bracing for lifting is going to be different than bracing for simple movements like air squats. I spent the last year learning to breath using the entire system with pelvic floor and the diaphragm. But I was having a lot of issues lifting with this technique. I’ve been practicing bracing for lifting and honestly I have been so discouraged that I spent an entire year learning and not practicing this as well. This journey is still going and most of the time I’m so over it! I’m having to learn to accept the journey for what is and not what I could have been. I blame it on the small town life!
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Coming back into thing the last six months I’ve tried to be a stickler about moving we’ll verse hitting bigger numbers. I’ve changed up some programming from what our gym is doing to take some days to spend the entire hour on one movement. Today, I tried to PR my clean and jerk. I was ten pounds off from a goal I set two years ago. A year ago (at my “strongest” and leanest) I hit the same weight for a 1x3. I wish had video of that to compare how much better I move today.
My second video is a fail at 120lbs. Before, I would have kept pushing to hit this weight but I’m trying to not miss lifts and form bad habits. So, I drop my weight back down and make sure it all looks good.
So far I’m happy with how well lifting is going. My core is still not that great and I can feel that my breathing (abdominal pressure) needs work in heavy lifts.
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#rxsgbodypositivityproject after having two kids, six years ago, this is the first summer I have worn a bikini during the summer. Last summer I was at my leanest and I still wouldn’t wear a bikini. I had a come to Jesus moment (several really). The reasons I wouldn’t wear a bikini was because of my own body shaming and negative self talk. The past four months I have worn a white ring and each time I catch myself criticizing my body I move the ring. Not only that, I make myself say why it’s not true and something I love about myself. The mind is the biggest hurdle!! I also remind myself that not one person has the right to have an opinion about my body! It’s mine!! @rxsmartgear @leftcoastvibesco @jamiejoyce2

Pick something you love ❤️! I’ve been sleeping like 💩 and our summer schedule is packed with family fun. Between the two the gym has not been happening. I also have three spider bites on my feet that feel like 💩 I knew I needed to move for sanity! So, I chose things I love! I don’t worry about weaknesses or what’s happening with gym programming. Just enjoying myself and moving!
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Our squad! Before and after 1776! Water games to follow!
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This last year I made the transition to barefoot shoes and in the last couple months changed my running form. I can’t say all my knee pain is gone (these things take time) but the biggest eye opener has been how hard my feet were hitting the ground. Just this weekend I was running the hills around my house and found myself hitting my heel so hard going down hill. I had to stop and readjust how I approached going downhill. The entire journey has been amazing!

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The body craves feedback from the ground during movement. If you have pillows under your feet the brain reacts by landing harder with each step
Landing hard on your heel might not hurt your heelbone when wearing cushioned shoes (it does when barefoot which is a signal not to run that way) but the hard impacts add up over time and take a toll on joints upstream
Shoe companies want you to think you need beefy cushioned and supportive shoes but those features in shoes increase the loads on your body and weaken your feet
Sustainable running comes from using minimal/ barefoot style footwear. Run like a human and improve your performance while decreasing injury. Send this to a runner always getting injured and help them become informed to the dangers of modern “running” shoes
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Jump ropes have me so discouraged with all the leaking. Even though I said I would be working on them I didn’t because I just wanted to cry. I felt like there were no answers to why I could do singles but as soon I slowed down to jump higher- LEAK. I watched a video by @physiodetective about breathing out when your feet hit the ground. I can do five jumps without leaking this way. So, five jumps it is till my pelvic floor strengthens. It seems like nothing but I do so much better with a plan and I’m not someone who can give up. Keep fighting for what you want and don’t modify your life because you’re not willing to put in the work. Also, I love the feedback from barefoot jump rope. You can feel just how much impact you need to absorb when landing. Protect those feet, ankles, and knees.
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Cold shower success! You guys, I’m such a baby about swimming in cold water. This morning I text my girlfriend about the weather Becky the high was calling for 75... yikes! But let me tell you, my body had zero shock factor hitting that water. I saw other people slowly wadding in and my body said, “yeah, we got this”! I’m thinking an ice bath challenge is in my future but I may wait till August to brave that!

Kombucha is making a come back in our home! Adding a second kid derailed some of the homemade things we did before she took all our free time. But having a toddler frees the hands up (to some degree 😉) and my body has been craving better gut health!
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Mr. Bones, welcome to the home gym! We will see to that second leg at some point 🤣 when you have a ❤️ for anatomy and your son has the same interest a Skelton fits right at home!
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