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Audrey  I love being vain and my Fatty, Fighter & Penny.

Laundry made easier - with two helpers and Daia Smart Liquid Total Clean. Formulated with smart ion technology so your dirty clothes require no scrubbing or soaking before washing! Thank you for making adulting easier. #DSL #SmartWoman

Back at it. πŸ˜‚ Thank Buddha this week is over. #penelopetiah @timtiah

Guess who's out, peasants πŸ˜‚ We got discharged today! Thank you everyone for your well wishes and advice! HRH is much better today. Penny drank apple juice and had some yogurt today. And best of all she can swallow her saliva wtf. πŸ˜‚ So all we have to do is let her rest well and recover. But now we're just waiting around to go home cos our house is being flea bombed FOL. #penelopetiah @timtiah

Update day 4 of HFMD. Kena hospitalized FOL. Stupid virus!!!! Up till last night she refused to consume anything and I realized she'd only peed once the whole day. 😭 Her eyes were swollen and the skin around them was red. 😭 I was going back and forth if admitting her was the best decision. I hate this hospital wtf but I'm glad we're getting help and she's finally rehydrated.

She damn brave okay, I was worried she'd cry taking blood and inserting the drip. I told her it'd be a bit painful and... She didn't even flinch wtf. No reaction at all WTF. 😳 While I was cringing beside her like a wuss wtf. My hero wtf. Swipe left for Her Royal Coolness.
Thank you auntie May @babygirl19trtt and Uncle Wei for the balloons! #penelopetiah

Day 3 of HFMD. πŸ˜ͺ Three bad days and two rough nights. Penny got quite a bad strain cos there are ulcers all over her mouth and spots on her feet, legs and butt.

I thought I could see the light at the end of the tunnel cos this morning she drank two cups of milk, and ate a bowl of porridge. But now she's back to refusing everything and even stopped swallowing her saliva 😭 she keeps crying.... Aih can this week just be over already. #penelopetiah @timtiah

Of happier days spent with friends because today Penny just got diagnosed with hand foot and mouth disease FOL. She's quarantined at home, and I'm sending Fighter to my parents for the week wtf. πŸ™„ In reality, Fighter cried cos I think he thought he was being kicked out of the house even though he loves staying at grandma's, and Penny is crying every time she swallows food or liquid. 😒 The silver lining (for her) is that she gets to eat ice cream three times a day wtf. Please pray she gets well soon and none of us catch it from her! #penelopetiah @timtiah

Please may you grow up to be a nerd. Omitofo. #booksarelife #penelopetiah @timtiah πŸ“· by @enghongooi

Fighter's love for geography and architecture is already testing the limits of my knowledge. πŸ˜‚ He's memorized a lot of national flags already so I used our new HP DeskJet Ink Advantage printer to print out flag coloring sheets for him! Keeps him busy plus super educational. 😬 He specifically asked for China, South Korea and the Vatican City (ikr) πŸ˜‚ #fightertiah #HPMY #ReinventLearning

Fitted out the most luxurious office in Colony, the Jamestown suite with Philips Hue lights! Our guests can choose to turn on, dim and change our light colors using the Hue app or by commanding our Google Home system. They can even use different Light Recipes that will help them to Concentrate, Energize, Read and Relax! 😍 My office is better than yours yo. Philips Lighting now is still having a Hue Promo. Just spend RM1,000 on any of your favourite Hue Products and you can redeem a gift instantly. Visit their website for more info!
#PhilipsHueExperience #PhilipsHueMy #philipslightingmalaysia

Ten ten ten wtf. #tenthanniversary @timtiah Thanks for having us @hiltonkualalumpur!

Featuring tassel shorts from @younghungryfree and my new Chanel Tiny Flap. #actuallypennys #actuallyfromastallinbkk #audfit

Rock climbing for the first time today! Penny tried once or twice then decided its nicer to sleep in my lap WTF.

So proud of Fighter though! He's always been overly cautious and scared and he doesn't like putting in effort, giving up the minute something gets hard. But he listened intently to instructions today, and tried and tried. He was really good!!! He ended up climbing up quite high I couldn't be prouder 😭 he's gonna teach me a thing or two about perseverance wtf. #shitmom #fightertiah @timtiah (thanks @sweatlee and @krthkk for the rock climbing lessons!) (more on IG stories!)

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