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Audrey  Blogger. I love being vain and my Fatty, Fighter & Penny.

A few weeks ago I took part in this blind tasting black box challenge! I damn confident cos the first two foods were super easy to figure out but the third one was tough πŸ˜‚ new Coke Zero Sugar tastes so much better and closer to come classic Coke! Must #TasteItToBelieveIt! You guys can watch the full video on Coca-cola Malaysia's FB page #sp

What I've been working on. Literally working ON cos this is flooring geddit geddit hahahahaha. *crickets* this is part of the new project @timtiah and I are doing together 😁

@76hikky told me a few girls went to her and asked for my bangs but chickened out πŸ˜‚ just do it people!! Hahaha if you regret it... Er Hair grows wtf. If you don't regret confirm you look damn cute la hahaha. Also did a new color this time from my usual grey lavender. This time it's dark grey blue 😁

I am very thankful to have discovered Mamil cos Fighter was having the worst toddler constipation 😭 Mamil is a product that I really use and love! What are some of the things you guys have discovered as a parent? 😊 #DiscoverMamil

Swimming with the sharks on Sunday evening. πŸ‘¦πŸ‘§πŸŒŠ #fightertiah #penelopetiah #heyjudepennylane @timtiah

The critters are still not over their masak masak obsession (I think they never will be wtf) which is good cos means they can eventually start cooking for ME instead hahahaha. In the meantime when I cook I try to get them involved cos they love it! Making pasta with Prego sauce and linguine the other day. If you haven't heard about the Prego Mothers Day contest, check out their fb - Prego Malaysia to find out how to win your mom a new Mothers Day outfit!

So yesterday Fighter drew a man. πŸ‘¨Apparently humans have arms coming out of their heads wtf. We asked him if those lines shooting out the bottom of the head is the legs and he said yes. Then we asked what's that longish thing in the middle. He said cheerfully, "It's his bird!" FML.

The latest edition Things Fighter and Penny say is up on my blog 😁 #fightertiah #penelopetiah #heyjudepennylane @timtiah

My Mother's day meal. Cooked by yours truly. Should be cooked by my kids for me but um I don't trust them with fire yet. πŸ˜‚ But considered my Mother's Day gift la cos it's very easy to make, using the new Prego Chicken Mushroom sauce, and kids ate so much! What Prego dish are you making your mom this year? A Prego contest is now open! Make your mom a Prego meal and win her a custom made dress from The Mod House worth RM 1k this Mother's Day! More info on Prego Malaysia FB. #fightertiah #penelopetiah #heyjudepennylane @timtiah

How I spent my Mother's Day morning - by learning how to be a better mom πŸ˜‚ thank you @littlemissbento and @theshippatisserie for the Hello Kitty bento workshop 😍 I also impressed with myself lolol cos my culinary skills really 0.

Fighter's Mother's Day card for me. πŸ˜‚ he told me the figure in the middle is me. I asked why is my hair orange? He said he couldn't find the brown color pencil. πŸ˜‚ then he told me those two lines are my legs wtf. I then asked where is my body? He said "your body is inside your head." WTF LOLOL #fightertiah @timtiah

I know this is a boring pic (cos got no Fighter or Penny in it hahaha) but I went for a facial at @astuteclinic opened by my favorite aesthetics doctor and yesterday. Already planned to post this but didn't plan on the results being SUCH A BIG DIFFERENCE. Today I woke up with super bright skin! Like bright and even until I thought I accidentally scrubbed my face too hard when I washed until my skin came off WTF. In a good way la ok hahahaha. Good things must share so here you go. 😁

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