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It's almost time! Two days to the show!! Registration is still open for one more day so please get your registrations in online to save yourself the $25!
If you don't register today you can register at registration tmrw for the full price.
Tickets are on sale and we still have openings if you want to deadlift with the number one natural deadlifter ON EARTH!
Backstage passes will also be sold at registration.
DM me or email me if you have any questions about the show

One of the best showing of my career. I took a long offseason, was very focused. I came into this show hoping to win but ran into a couple walls named @evancentopani and @mrolympia08 so I had to settle for 3rd place here.
I was still very proud sharing the stage with both of them and also @denniswolfifbbpro @ifbbbenpak and @flexatronrhoden it may be my most memorable show of my career.
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret

SWIPE to see a glimpse of how the 20k calorie day went down!
So you could sum up the day by saying it was pretty much five/six friends pigging out and having a fun time with no fucks given. Lol
The video will follow soon but here are the final standings for the day:
1. @great_white_north_juggernaut & myself were neck n neck the entire race and both finished in the mid to upper teens.
2. @paullauzon1 a valiant effort but finished I believe around 8900 calories just short of his true ultimate goal of 10k.
We had to go our separate ways around 6pm so the day kinda fizzled after that. Binging alone is the same as drinking alone, it's just not fun.
Now I'm gonna do about 4hrs of cardio to feel normal again and NEVER do that again!
#hoss #20kday #neveragain

The #facw would like to thank one of our title sponsors @macrofoods for their continued support of our shows.
We always appreciate local business really stepping up to make our shows bigger and better!
#facw #@macrofoods #macrofoods

1 week left! I hope u guys/girls are crushing ur cardio, sticking to those diets and gettin excited to hit the big stage under the bright lights!
SWIPE to see what we have in store for you! RAY WILLIAMS the NUMBER ONE powerlifter in the world. @optimusprime_334
ALVIN BROWN the NUMBER ONE osteopath/life coach in the world. @journeytopersonalgreatness
KAGED MUSCLE giving out a HUGE SUPPLEMENT SPONSORSHIP to someone they choose, could be anyone on that day!
It's gonna fun, we're gonna give away some good prizes and we're excited to see you all there! for tickets, registration or any other info.

It's interesting in life and in bodybuilding. You're only as good as your last show, you're only as good as your last endeavour.
The last couple years have been tough for me. Some injuries have popped up and held me back unexpectedly.
That being said, there is one thing I don't want anyone to make a mistake about.
The fire is still there, I have never loved anything more than bodybuilding and still don't (except maybe cars lol). I have a lot left in the tank and I intend to prove it. The year isn't over and I'm focused, rebuilding and want to bring my best to the stage soon.
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realshit

#flashbackfriday to my shoot with @perbernalphoto at @originalmetroflexgym one of my favourite shoots I've ever done. I was 29 years old had been a pro for two years and was shooting with one of the best photog's in the game at one of the most iconic gyms ever. Flyin high and been rollin ever since.
Bodybuilding is a gruelling sport, you don't always win, you don't always get what you want but when you look back over years of hard work it's a great feeling to flashback to days like this.
I remember it being so hot in that gym, kid rock blaring over two huge speakers and just being in the place where I'd seen Ronnie, branch and Joj kill shit in countless videos. Great day.
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realshit

It's been about three months since the Arnold Ohio. Since then I've take the time needed to rehab some injuries, clean up blood work and get my body ready for the next big push to get better.
This week has been the first serious week back and I'm ready and primed for the next step. Time to refine, grow and have some fun.
#hoss #ironrebel #sacrificewithoutregret #canadianprotein #realshit

Sometimes when the elbows are feeling a little stiff, this is a good alternative to traditional skull crushers.
You cant go as heavy but you can use your free arm to get some forced reps and really give the working arm a good burn.
Tag someone who needs more triceps! Ps. Don't tag me lol
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realshit #ironrebel #canadianprotein

Tryin to keep those offseason abs in check!
Excuse the smile on my face I was being made fun by my boy for being an IG lifter 😬
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realshit #canadianprotein #ironrebel

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