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8 weeks out now, down to 263lbs this morning and reminiscing about the 20k food challenge.
Today I feel like I could get there EASILY!
#hoss #lovefood

Effort. It's all about how much effort you can give to your goal. People say "it's so hard", "how can I not go out", "I just get cravings I can't help it". There's an excuse around every corner and a justification for every shitty choice you make.
If you really want something it's just effort. Commit to your goal and give it 100% effort. You will get there eventually no matter how long it may take!
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realshit

I call these Kai rows after @kaigreene
Anyone who's a fan knows when he does his tbars he's parallel to the ground. I don't think I got it perfect but close enough (obviously without the same amount of weight). If you focus on keep your body stable and pulling with your elbows you can get a really crazy lat pump!!!!
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realshit

When your drinking days are over but you just gotta relive them one more time.
#tbt to my stag n doe, this was about 5 years ago. It was a poor attempt at a keg stand but in my defence it was my second attempt in like 60 seconds lol. What a good fuckin time!
#hoss #realshit

You wanna know if your supplements are real? Now you can check them on your own.
I always stress being real with people and @canadianprotein Has taken it a step further and backed up their products with 3rd party testing that you can check on your very own phone!
Proud to be part of the @canadianprotein team.
#hoss #canadianprotein #realshit
#Repost @canadianprotein (@get_repost)
Everything we do at Canadian Protein we believe in challenging the status quo. We believe in thinking outside the box. We believe in the evolution of the nutritional supplement industry and in order to evolve you must innovate.
We believe we are the brand to bring trust back into the supplement market by offering complete transparency and confirming our quality for our customers.
From this point on all finished product third party test results from Canadian Protein will be available to you in real time when you purchase our products.
Product Lot Search - Each product you purchase comes with a lot number which you can type into the Online Product Lot Search to populate the exact third party test results for the product you hold in your hand.
Canadian Protein App for Android and iOS - We've also launched an app (available for iPhones and Androids) with a QR code scanner built in and all products with a QR code on the label can be scanned with our app to automatically populate the 3rd party tests as well, it's that simple.
For more info please see the link in our profile.
Disclaimer: this initiative is brand new and there will be a lead time for some products that do not have their test results uploaded to our database and will not be available for viewing.
#worldsmosttrustedsupplements #thirdpartytesting #3rdpartytesting #canadianprotein #repthenorth #qualityconfirmed

Shoulders! The muscle that aches so fuckin hard it makes you shiver. Those of you who really kill it know what I'm talking about.
Lighter weight isolation today after some heavy presses. Drop set laterals supersetted with some light front raises.
My phone rang so the video got cut off sorry guys but you get the idea.
#hoss #realshit #sacrificewithoutregret #canadianprotein #ironrebel

I better not breathe, some guy who's never worked out before in his life might say my stomach is distended 😳
#hoss #thisisrealbodybuilding #sacrificewithoutregret

Let me help you achieve your goals! $99 a month right now for online coaching that covers diet, training and supplement protocols!
Sign up at www.fouadabiad.com (LINK IN BIO)
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret

This is just great. Wtf. The post about distended stomachs @this_is_bodybuilding posts was these pictures and says 'no disrespect'. Are you a fuckin idiot?
You just found six pics of some of the best bodybuilders to ever grace the stage when they're completely relaxed and not flexed and then made a post about distended stomachs??? The definition of a distended stomach is not that it's distended when it's relaxed, it's that it's distended all the time. Do you know anything about bodybuilding or do you just regurgitate a bunch of stuff you read on message boards somewhere?
Then you go on about GH like you know wtf you're talking about when all you said was a bunch of dribble you must have heard somewhere. You have no idea what you're talking about and furthermore, it seems like you know less about bodybuilding and more about just reposting/regurgitating other people's shit. Sorry man you just lost me as a follower and actually made me pretty sick with this post but 'no disrespect'. #hoss

Quad pump, achieved. Remember it's not about how much weight, how many exercises or how many reps you do, it's about HOW YOU DO THE REPS.
So often I'll get an email from one of my clients saying "I don't know what I'm doing wrong, I squat 405lbs for 8 reps every week and my quads won't grow?" I tell them to send me a video of their leg exercises. Usually i find the culprit in the video.
Putting 405lbs on a bar and squatting 405lbs on a bar is two different things.
Sure you can put it on their, do a 1/4 squat and then beat your chest like a baboon but the lights on the stage never lie.
Your 1/4 reps are gonna be evident really quick. Lose the ego, squat 225lbs so your ass touches your heels. You may not be the strongest guy in the gym but you'll be the guy beating his chest when you're standing in the centre spot on stage.
Drop the shit form, you're not impressing anyone!
Knee sleeves, knee wraps, shirt, shorts all @ironrebel I guess I like their stuff 😉
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #realshit #canadianprotein #ironrebel

Sure it sucks to be hungry but when you're getting harder by the day it makes it all worth it 😬
I take a lot of pride in being able to ignore the minds impulses and have control over how my body looks.
#hoss #sacrificewithoutregret #canadianprotein #ironrebel #realshit

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