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@dellert_photography here with my second picture for the day.
I think photography and architecture go very well together since they both rely so heavily on geometry to convey style. I have this picture on my wall at home because I love the soothing atmosphere from the warm and earthy colors and how all the lines and details come together within the frame.
Take care everyone and have a nice evening. // August

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Greetings and salutations! @dellert_photography here with some more street photography.
While I do believe that technology enriches our lives in countless ways I also think that it’s very important to disconnect sometimes and just be in the moment or let our imaginations run wild without interference. A wise man once said that imagination is even more important than knowledge. I wholeheartedly agree. Imagination can give you wings!

Have a great Monday ya’ll! // August

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@dellert_photography here delivering some more street photography.
I think Central Park is one of the great wonders of the world and I always spend at least a day there when I visit NYC. It has such a unique atmosphere and contains such a rich diversity of natural elements. I also love how you can see the iconic skyline in the distance from almost anywhere in the park.
Have a super Sunday everyone! // August

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Sunday greetings!

@dellert_photography here with another street photograph from the Big Apple.
I had been walking for hours looking for something out of the ordinary when I came across this street corner in Brooklyn where all the colors and details came together in a fascinating way.
So I hung around for a while and waited for some complementary people to enter the frame before I pressed the shutter and captured the decisive moment in my little black box.
I hope you like it! // August

#dellertphotography #fotografiska #takeover #streetphotography #artofvisuals

Hey hey!

@dellert_photography here with a picture from the iconic bridge between Manhattan and Brooklyn.
I went back and forth across the bridge a dozen times until I managed to capture this picture that I think balances the symmetrical architecture of the city with the dynamic pulse of its inhabitants.
Until next time! // August

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Good morning Instagrammers!
@dellert_photography here bringing you this street photograph from under the Brooklyn Bridge.
I went to New York last year just to take street pictures all day and night for a whole week. It’s such an amazing feeling to go out into a big city without knowing what you might find. To just walk around with your camera and explore until your feet ache is an exhilarating adventure.
Hope you have a lovely Saturday! // August

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Yo yo! @dellert_photography here posting another street photograph; this time from Times Square in New York City.
I lived in NYC for a few years with my family when I was young and have been there many times since. It’s such a monumental place and an endless source of picture potential.
Have a great Friday night ya’ll! // August

#dellertphotography #fotografiska #takeover

Greetings fellow photo lovers!

@dellert_photography signing in for the first day of my weekly Take Over.
I will be posting some of my favourite street photographs and first off is this pic from my very own hometown of Stockholm, Sweden.
Have a great day! // August #dellertphotography #fotografiska #takeover

NEW GUEST. Fotografiska Instagram presents: August Néon Dellert | @dellert_photography ⭐ .
Greetings everyone. My name is August Néon Dellert and it's a great honor for me to do a Take Over here at the Fotografiska Instagram.
I've been working full-time as a freelance photographer since 2011 and most of that work has been with various types of events. But the kind of photography that I will be posting this week is what I personally love to shoot and look at the most; street photography. .
I'm really looking forward to sharing some of my favorite pictures with you all!
// August .
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TAGGA någon som inte får missa Ellen von Unwerths utställning som stänger 21.00 på söndag!😱
Ja, tro det eller ej, vi har redan nått den sista helgen med den gnistrande utställningen ’Devotion! 30 Years of Photographing Women’ av Ellen von Unwerth, superstjärnan med kameran som alla andra superstjärnor ställer sig framför. 21.00 på söndag plockas den ner och det är ”now or never” som gäller. Kom hit och upplev det spontana och lekfulla resultatet av 30 års fotografering av kvinnor.📸

Säg hej till vår nya Köttbullemacka!😋
Kom hit och smaka på caféets senaste nyförvärv med kalkonköttbullar, rödbeta, majonnäs och picklad ämnesgurka. En klassiker fast på ett Fotografiska-sätt. Mums!

They smile just so so you know.
Hi! My name is Jonas Berggren and this is my last picture for this time. If you want to see more of my work, make sure to follow me at @jonasberggren or @jonasberggren_in_color. .
Thank you @fotografiska for inviting me and a huge THANK YOU to all FOLLOWERS for your likes and comments !!! .
Bye for now…

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