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Kitten foster home Richmond,VA  😺Email Amazon Wish List updated 4/27/2017:

UPDATED: Tiny Clara passed away this morning. Her tiny body tried so hard and she had such spirit. She was loved. Rest In Peace little angel. --------------------------------Otto (top) and Clara (bottom) staring at me feeding their sister! #bottlebabies #fosteringsaveslives #spayandneuter #adoptdontshop

The 4 bottle babies are holding their own. They have diarrhea, but little Clara finally gained a few grams this morning. I want to thank everyone for your support and especially those of you who've sent helpful supplies! Thanks to Megan @laserbidet for the gloves and blankets, Karol J for the 10 ML Miracle syringes (now I can make all bottles at the same time!), Viktoriya K for the pet pads and the Snuggle Safe, and if you sent the 3 cans of KMR please tell me so I can thank you too! ❤️❤️❤️#bottlebabies #fosteringsaveslives

This precious one is Clara (Clarinet). She is having a rough time as she is eating but has not gained any weight since she arrived. Praying she will turn a corner over the weekend. 🙏🏻🍼🐱#tinybottlebaby #fosterkittens

Morning tiny purrs from our little Osita baby bear cub 🐻#bottlebaby #fosterkittens #thatpurr

This is the most voracious eater. She goes a bit crazy to start but then settles and guzzles the entire thing. Note I am not pushing the plunger- this is all her sucking. Her name is Flute and I'm going to call her Fern. #bottlebabies #spayandneuter #fosteringsaveslives #miraclenipple

I may be posting a bit less because just feeding takes a lot of time. The new kittens all came to me with music instrument names, but I'll be renaming once I'm certain if they're girls or boys. This is Oboe and I'm pretty sure a boy who will be Otto. He gets very excited about his bottle and sucks it right down! They are 13 days old today. #bottlebabies #fosterkittens #spayandneuter

Tiny nuggets warm and snuggled #fosterkittens #bottlebabies #12daysold

Welcome new bottle babies! These 4 precious little kittens were left on a local vet's front porch in the rain. Poor babies were covered in their own feces and urine and cold and wet. Another foster has been caring for them for the past 2 days and I picked them up this afternoon. Everyone has had baths and a bottle. Again, #miraclenipple to the rescue! They all latched on and guzzled. Amazing. So Snuggle Puppy is on duty with heated snuggle disks underneath. I'll be introducing everyone soon. There are 2 seal points and 2 black babies. #bottlebabies #fosteringsaveslives

She's growing by leaps and bounds! Explore little girl! The Amazon wishlist is updated as some have been concerned it was empty. (What a nice problem to have 😉) There's excitement headed this way later today! #fosteringsaveslives

I have happy and sad news. The Sea kittens are doing well but grew so much that they'll be ready for speuter surgery earlier than scheduled. So they're staying and will be adopted out afterwards. There are plenty of kittens always needing fosters so don't worry, more coming soon! #fostersgrowup #theSEAkittens #adoptdontshop

Osita, 8 days old ❤️🐻❤️#bottlebaby #fosteringsaveslives #spayandneuter

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