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Kitten foster home Richmond,VA  😺Email Goodbye is the goal! Amazon Wish List:

Otto and Penelope snoozing the afternoon away. 😴 They're always together. #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop

Fern is pretty serious about keeping her face clean #kittenbath #fosterkittens #socuddly #shepurrs #fern

My son and Osita having fun together on Snapchat 😸 #tinyhousepanther #fosteringsaveslives #osita🐻 #jazzmusician #guyswholovecats

Otto eats!!! Our little bottle loving man FINALLY licked some food on a popsicle stick this morning, and after that I got him to the plate! Lunch goal- move off the kitchen table on to the floor! #gootto #ottoeats #imabigkittennow #fosteringsaveslives #tinyhousepanther

I even brought the food over to where Otto was. He was not impressed. This is the silent meow I get every time he's hungry and has no interest in eating off a plate. I'm putting food in his mouth with a popsicle stick and also give him a syringe of slurry. #bottlebabywhowontgrowup #timetoeat #fosteringsaveslives

Sweet Penelope loves sitting in my son's lap 😸#fosteringsaveslives #adoptdontshop #spayandneuter #fosterkittens

Fern and Otto enjoying their new toy! Otto is doing really well, eating from a syringe, and running around playing. #fosteringsaveslives #spayandneuter #adoptdontshop #goodbyeisthegoal

Mom! Look at this cool wave scratcher someone wonderful sent us! We love it! They also adore the chirping bird toy and the fleece wand! Thank you and there was no note, so please let us know who you are. 😺#fosterkittens #generousfollowers #welovetoys

Otto is doing well this morning. He still isn't eating from a bowl or plate, but he's sucking down multiple syringes of slurry and taking a little bath afterwards. #tinyhousepanther #donteatthenippleoffyourbottle #fosterkittens #neveradullmoment

It's been an eventful 24 hours. Otto was not a fan of eating any kind of food, so I kept bottle feeding him, and he always slurped it right down. Late last night he turned his head suddenly and chomped on the nipple. I pulled it out and not only in one bite did he chomp it, he swallowed it too. He won't eat kibble, Gerber, any canned food, but he ate a rubber nipple tip. 🙀 We were hoping it would pass, but they did exploratory surgery early this morning and it had lodged sideways in his intestine. I am so grateful to be fostering for an amazing shelter @richmondspca with a state of the art veterinary hospital and extremely talented veterinary staff! He's now back home with me and is recovering. One good thing is he was neutered since he was already sedated so he doesn't have to go through that in a few weeks! #fosterkittens #youneverknow #keepingmeonmytoes #preciousotto

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