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Kitten foster home Richmond,VA  😺Email Goodbye is the goal! Amazon wish list:

#Reposting @knoxnraisin with @instarepost_app -- A year ago today, we drove to Richmond to pick up this crazy little ball of energy we call #Knox. 😻 We were so in love with him then, and love him more and more everyday. We are forever grateful that @foster_kittens_rva chose us to be his and Raisin's #foreverhome β€οΈπŸ™πŸΌ

Update! They have adopters and backups but are so cute I'm going to leave their pictures up! Searching for a kitten in Richmond, VA? Message me asap if you're interested in one of these beautiful babies! They have been fostered by a dear friend, and they're great with her dog and are super sweet babies! πŸ’•#fosteringsaveslives #fosterkittens #rva #fluffykittens

Update! Otto and Penelope are sooooo happy in their wonderful forever home! #formerfosters #togetherforever #fosteringsaveslives #bottlebabiesgrowup #spayandneuter

If you're in the Richmond, VA area- these precious kittens are looking for their forever home. Follow @catadoptionrescueefforts for more info! #Reposting @catadoptionrescueefforts with @instarepost_app -- Adoptable kittens Blaze and Fawn are about as sweet as they could possibly be together. 😻 We are participating in Petco's big adoption event this weekend and we'd love to find a home for these two sisters together. If interested, please visit our website to find out about our adoption process (link in bio). If you know someone who is considering adding a furry family member, please tag them and encourage them to adopt a rescue cat!

Missing these sweet babies today! They are all adopted into their new homes as of last night. Fern and Osita are #togetherforever as are Otto and Penelope! ❀️😻❀️#bottlebabiesgrowup #fosteringsaveslives #spayandneuter #fosterkittens

My fellow Richmond foster mom Rebekah @churchillstreetkitties has her 4 gorgeous orange boys up for adoption today! See details below if you're looking for a precious baby!
#Reposting @churchillstreetkitties with @instarepost_app -- I'll be waiting wiff my brothers for my forever home at Swiftcreek Petco Saturday 12 to 3. Come tickle my tummy.
photo by @stay.stitchy

The hardest part of fostering- dropping them off for the last time for their surgery and adoptions. They are going to AMAZING loving homes and are going to have wonderful lives! I couldn't be happier for them. Osita is already home with her new parents and doing great! She will be joined by Fern soon and Penelope and Otto will be adopted together too. πŸŽ‰#fosteringsaveslives #timetofly #bottlebabiesgrowup #yesiwillmissthem #therearemoretobesaved

Swipe to see what Fern and Penelope looked like just a few short weeks ago! #readytofly #tomorrowisspayday #fosteringsaveslives #bottlebabiesgrowup #yesiwillmissthem

Here is the latest edition of "Baffing with Fern!" Today Fern demonstrates proper between the toes cleaning as well as how to reach that difficult rear leg. 😸#cleankitten #kittenbath #fosterkittens #iamnotabreed #bottlebabiesgrowup #kittensofinstagram #spayandneuter

Kitten preschool- we haven't learned to share yet! Listen for the growl and hiss! πŸ™€πŸ˜ΉYes, feathers are dangerous for kittens and this one was removed right away. They love their feather toys but when they come apart, you need to make sure a kitten won't eat one!#kittensofinstagram #fosterkittens #fosteringsaveslives #spayandneuter

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