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Cindy in Seattle  Now fostering Lily and her Lilliputians (born 2/26), Tara and her Taradactyls (born 3/27 and 3/28), and Sam’s Samwiches (born 4/19).

Ripley is finally two pounds; he thinks he’s big enough to hold Parker now.

Both boys will be neutered later this week. Their new family is eagerly waiting to adopt these sweet brothers together.

Photo shoot with Hunter Samwich.
Those 👏🏻 ear 👏🏻 tips 👏🏻

I keep trying to get good photos of Toby Samwich but it’s impossible because as soon as he sees me he revs up his purr and launches his tiny self into my lap or onto my neck for cuddles.
But please swipe through to see two photos and an adorable video of this happy, snuggly, nudgey baby boy.

I moved Sam and her Samwiches into my bathroom, where they’ll have more room to play. Sam did extremely well with the move: she explored, purred, and ate without missing a beat.

Toby is the gray fluffy guy; tiny Zoey is up front next to him.
Hunter and Max are in the back, being handsome.

Tiny Zoey has learned that if you act obnoxious enough, you’ll eventually get the bed all to yourself.

Each Taradactyl with her best friend.
These are the pairings I’ll recommend when it’s adoption time.

Do you think Parker can tell that he’s in trouble for being on the counter?? 🔉

The Samwiches aren’t wobbly. They walk in cursive.

Zoey is the only girl, and the runt, of the Samwiches.
But she would like you to know that she is growing round cheeks and a round tummy and is very good at cleaning her small self.

Tummy time with Hunter.
Handling a kitten’s tummy, paws, and face can make future vet visits go smoother. And check out Hunter’s little ear tufts!

Where are the Lilliputians? I can hear them, but I can’t see them .... I was reading in bed and these three brought their bellies full of bees to snuggle under my legs.

Ripley is one pound, thirteen ounces now!

First we hear Sam purr.
Then we see the phone shake as she nudges my hand.
And finally she shows up in person.

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